Thursday, December 15, 2011

When did that happen?

Today she turned six.

She likes Barbie's.
She loves monkey bars.
She loves craft.
She giggles a lot.
She loves music.
She enjoys gymnastics.
She hates pineapple.
She loves swimming.
She wears size 11 shoes.
She is growing her hair.
She wants to be a policeman when she grows up.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


As I stepped into the sewing/computer room and opened the laptop, my two year old stood at the gate [that stops her from wreaking havic with pins and fabric and the like] and cried "Noooo Mummy"!! I thought to myself, "oh gee that's not good", then I replied to her, "Mummy won't be long"... After a while she went away and became entranced watching ABC Kids... the clock ticked by and after a while she came back crying "Nooooo Mummy". An hour had passed. I closed the computer then hurried to slap something together for dinner before Swift Jim got home from work. A common crazy sequence of events in the afternoons at my place.

Then yesterday I recieved this months edition of Footprints Magazine. I read through a few articles before bed and was seriously challenged by Jo's article called Unplugging from Social Media, you can read her piece here on her blog . It really struck a chord with me and I could really relate to what she was talking about. I pondered it a little through out the day today and decided to thank Janet for this months edition of Footprints on her Facebook page. She kindly linked me to a couple of other blog posts in regards to unplugging including one of hers. You can read it here .

You know that lump in your throat when you just know what the right thing to do is? Well I have it now.
Facebook has become such a massive part of my life, all consuming! Why don't I hear from God more? Probably because I have silly status updates running through my head constantly. It's a big step. My biggest fear of unplugging is "being out of the loop". Ridiculous isn't it. I survived before FB, there is surely life after it.
And my real friends will still make an effort with me no matter what.

My children deserve a Mummy that is present- present, not present-absent, there but not really there.
I feel like I have wasted too much precious time. They are only little for such a small amount of time. God gave me three precious gifts. The least I can do is enjoy them and give them my best. Afterall, God gave me His best when he gave me Jesus.

I feel like I am about to jump out of plane. I'm Unplugging from Facebook.
{thank goodness I never started twitter}

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A reward...

I am back on track with my weightloss journey! Infact I tried on several dresses last week for our family portrait photo session.. Each dress I tried on was a size 14!! YAY I am only 1 dress size off my goal now! So excited...

I said at the beginning of the year that our reward for such a big weightloss effort would be really nice family portraits, not cheap pixi photo ones....

We ventured out to a farm out in the sticks late on sunday afternoon for the best light....
It was such a fun adventure, we all had an absolute blast and I am THRILLED with our sneak peak picture! We get to view the full shoot next week, I can't wait!!

You can see more of Miss A's lovely work at her website Popeto Portrait Studio

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Last week was the week that Aunt Flo came for a visit. Now usually when that happens I tend to sabotage my weightloss efforts to some degree because let's face it, chocolate is really the only thing that will get me through those few dark days. But somehow that sabotage has continued on to this week. It seems I am failing dismally at all attempts to resist bad food. Lots of bad habits are slipping back in and I am feeling quite meh about it all.
Is it even possible to realistically EVER get to my goal weight? How is it that some people find it really easy to diet their way to a healthy size AND maintain it. They do it in a short(ish) time frame and are able to keep the new habits they have made. I have gained weight for the past 2 weigh ins and I fear that this week will be the same. Some what embarrasing when you are in a challenge with 7 other people.

For me, I think food is an addiction, especially that which contains lots of sugar.
I have kicked the coke habit, so that's something I guess. (And by coke, I am refering to coca cola).

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The realisation that 30 is indeed past my youth...

Today I was trying on some shorts in Target. You know how Target has heaps of mirrors in the change rooms so you can see your outfit from every angle... Well apparently I have a massive vericose vein on the back of one of my calfs. I gasped!! Not only that, but I have had to pluck a few grey hairs out of my eyebrows lately...

Yep, it's official. I am no longer youthful anymore.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's been a while, I know!!

Sorry. Sorry for not updating very often and sorry for not commenting on your blogs.
I just simply cannot think of many worthwhile bloggable things and so I appologise. Also in regards to the not commenting, it wont let me. I have tried many times, but it just keeps logging me out, so I have given up. I do still read your blogs however, so I hope you don't think I have deserted you all.

So let me give you an update on the Swift's....

Me: I now work 4 days a week at an Optometrist. I gave up hairdressing altogether and absolutely LOVE my new job. As a result though I am still learning to juggle working, housework, homework and just doing the mum thing in general. But for the most part I am enjoying it. I am also just over 1/3 of my way to my weightloss goal. I have lost 12kg since february! Yay me!!

Swift Jim: Is certainly very swift these days! He has taken up cycling since losing 22kg earlier in the year and on the weekend completed a 100km bike ride!! So proud of him!

Chestnut Cheeks: Well he is soccer mad. He plays every thursday afternoon in a club and is out in the back yard every spare minute he has kicking the ball around. He also goes to Boys Brigade every friday night, which he loves too. He, me & homework however... BLAH don't get me started!!

Almond Eyes: She is my climber. Always up the tree or on top of the swing set. I enrolled her into Gymnastics last term and again this term, turns out she is quite talented! She was moved up a level after 3 weeks!

Cheeky Monkey: Well cheeky should have been her middle name! She is so cute. Even when she throws firey tantrums, which she does well and often. She is learning all her colours at the moment and when passing an oval surrounded by Jacaranda trees yesterday she exclaimed with much delight "Upple Tee!!!" which translated means, Purple Tree. Now every time we pass a jacaranda tree, she gets very excited. She is also learning how to use a potty at the moment. Not my idea of fun, but one of life's nessesities I guess.

I shall leave you with a picture of Dan and the kids after his big ride on sunday :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

~ a VeRy MeRrY uNbIrThDaY tO mE ~

They were hereby summoned to a fancy affair, where tea was poured with their pinkies in the air! On the twentieth day of the eighth month of the year at the hour of two in the afternoon.....

"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"You can't help that" said the cat, "We're all mad here"!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Being a parent.

Do you ever think that if you knew how hard it would be that maybe you wouldn't do it?

Somedays I really feel like I am not cut out for this gig. Today is one of those days.

I love them. A lot.

I just feel like I am doing them a bad service by being their mother.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

How many hands does a woman have???

I was saying to Swift Jim last night that with all that I have on my plate at the moment I feel like a kettle boiling. You know bubbling away, getting hot, almost ready to spill over the edge...

Here is a list of all the things that consume my energy and brain power on a regular basis.
* Connor
* Ella
* Libby
* Being a wife
* Keeping a house in order (or in my case not in order)
* Sewing
* working 4 days a week (and learning how to do the job)
* Womens ministry stuff at church
* Writing a program to do with the "tween" girls at church
* Mum's taxi service (to soccer etc)
* Being a friend
and I am sure I could add 100 more things to that list, but I wont bore you... You get the idea....

My life is jam packed! I am exhausted! Trying to find a happy balance between everything is a real struggle. I am really enjoying my new job and the hours are extremely family friendly. I was juggling everything else ok until I threw 4 days of work into the mix. We need the money so I can't not work. Something has to give!
So, if I take sewing and Womens ministry stuff out of the picture will that lighten the load? I sure hope so.
I still want to sew. Afterall I worked SO hard last year to build FF&F up. But I need to downsize massively!! No more markets. I think I will still take orders in small amounts and occasionally add things to my online shop. But I doubt it will be on regular basis.
It's been hard to make a decision. But I think I am happy(ish) with it.

How do other women manage all their commitments?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Here's an embarrasing story for you...

This morning I woke up all refreshed and excited because it is my day off from work. Just me and Libby today! I had lots of jobs and errands to run and I was looking forward to it. So after hanging out the washing (*which was an interesting experience in itself*)Libby and I hopped into the car and headed to the shops. First errand was to get a new nose pad for her specs as one had fallen off and it was bothering her. Understandably. So I dropped into work before hitting the grocery shop. The time was 10:15am. On a normal working day my shift starts at 10am.
I walked into work and J says "ahh you're here..." she then noticed that a) I wasn't in a uniform and b) I had a toddler with me. "Um aren't you, um supposed to be working today"? By this stage I had come to the embarrasing realisation that I infact was NOT supposed to be having my day off today. I was infact supposed to be having it TOMORROW! Needless to say, I am now having two days off.....
I was (and still am) mortified!!! I can't believe I got that mixed up!! It's as clear as anything on the roster too!! I reckon my cheeks must have turned bright red!
Thank goodness I work for a boss who can see the humour in things. GAH!

* I discovered 2 things whilst hanging out my washing this morning.
1. I have solved the mystery of the missing socks dilemma. It seems like for the last week Connor has been going through an awful lot of socks! I found out why! He is wearing 2 pairs to bed each night!!! That'll do it.
2. Ella has been decorating her sheets with an emuu stamp. You know the type of ink that doesn't wash out! HAH!

Monday, June 6, 2011

A hell of a week.

Last Tuesday the fevers started so I took little Libby to see the doctor. Tonsilitus was the verdict. So I had to take wednesay off work. Tuesday night neither of us got much sleep. Wednesday she slept for most of the day. Wednesday night she woke a lot, in pain. Thursday I took the day off work. She slept all day, still getting fevers. Thursday night. She woke often, in pain. Friday I took the day off work. So did Swift Jim (he was sick too). She slept for most of the day again and woke often during the night coughing and in pain. Saturday, I rang the doctor again. She is now covered in a rash and is no better. She has a viral infection ON TOP of the tonsiltus. Saturday afternoon, the car overheated on me. Sunday we all stayed home from church. Partly due to no car, but mostly due to illness. Sunday night, I only got up to her ONCE!!
That now brings us to today. Swift Jim stayed home to finish recovering from his illness and he stayed with Libby while I went to work. Her rash is pretty much gone and there is mischief in her eyes again. Excellent, she is reading to go back to her daycare mum's place tomorrow so I can work.

Except. Ella is now complaing of a sore throat.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Just so you know....

Blogger wont let me comment on my friend's blogs, it is making me sign in continuously and I give up! I am reading your blogs :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The best money I ever spent!

My son's hero is Sportacus.

Check out youtube to see why he is so awesome!
I expect Connor loves him because he plays soccer and can do cool tricks.
Two years ago for his 5th birthday I bought him a Sportacus costume.

He has worn it to many parties, many play dates, to the shops and just around the house in general.
Now at age 7, two years on the costume gets a workout more than ever. Without fail, every day after school he drags it out, and practises his tricks on the trampoline. He is quite good at doing flips now! The knees have holes in them, the belt is broken and the legs are covered in grass stains, but it doesn't stop him. He just loves that costume.

Not to mention the 2-3 dozen apples (sports candy) we go through every week!!!

But I'm not complaining at all. I am thanking Sportacus for making my little fella super interested in sport and eating healthy!

Chitter Chatter

My breakfast conversation with Elizabeth.

Libby: Mummy
Me: Yes Libby?
Libby: khfkdhfskfjhskhkhaksjhfk
Me: Oh right.
Libby: Mummy
Me: Yes Libby?
Libby: khfsdjhkskhkhadskhdskfjhdsk
Me: I don't know what you are saying.
Libby: Mummy
Me: Yes Libby?
Libby: kskjhfkdhfkhfaksjfhkdfh
Me: Riiiiiight
Libby: Mummy?
Me: Hmmmmmm?
Libby: Mummy!
Me: Libby are you finished your breakfast?
Libby: Yeah.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Clueless Toddler...

Have you ever noticed that when a toddler realises that you are chasing them down with a tissue to wipe the copious amount of green goo away from their nose that they run. They run into a corner. Clueless I tells ya....

Sunday, May 29, 2011


I remember when I was a child. My mother was turning thirty. She was all like "woe is, me I'm getting old". And hense my perception of 30 from then on was "gee that's old".

This year it is my turn to turn thirty. In August! But you know what I am not at all worried or 'woe is me'.... I am EXCITED!!! What a great excuse to have a party!!

And maybe, just maybe for the first time in my adult life people will stop viewing me as too young.

When I got married at 19, many people voiced their concern that I was too young to be making such a committment. HAH ten years on I am still married to my best friend and have zero regret about my decision.
When I fell pregnant with my first child at 22 many people thought I was crazy for starting my family so young. HAH When I am 40, Connor will be almost an adult!

So all in all I am glad to be turning 30! I feel like my age has finally caught up to my life! How absurd!

Monday, May 23, 2011

An afternoon I'd rather forget...

At 1:15pm today I went to school to pick the kids up as Libby had an appointment at 2:30pm in the city to see her Opthamologist.
I signed the kids out and got their green slips and headed to Connor's class room. Just as I stepped out of the office the storm came. I quickly collected Connor whilst carrying my 13kg toddler through the pouring rain. We raced to the car and I loaded the two kids into the car then drove around to the prep side of the school. I waded through the flooded footpath and collected Ella. We then dashed home to get everyone changed into some dry warm clothes. Then headed into Brisbane, battling both bad weather and bad traffic. The storm followed.
I parked the car and had 5 minutes to get to our appointment. We left the carpark and walked through the rain and made it to the Eye Centre just in the knick of time. Cold and wet. We then spent the next hour and a half at the specialist's air-conditioned office shivering.
During Libby's exam my boy child decided that he wanted to be highly unco-operative. Making fart noises, punching his sister and generally just ignoring everything I asked him to do and not to do.
THEN I got the verdict. Libby's eyes have improved in their health, however her eyes have become a little worse with the vision and she needs to go to a stronger lense. That means she will now be wearing -9.... that's worse than what I wear now!! The poor child will be blind as a bat by the time she is an adult at this rate!

Now let's forget today even happened.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lesson's from a crazy sewing lady!

Swift Jim gave me all his old "fat" jeans to repurpose into new things to sell at the markets and my online shop. So tonight I got busy making some funky wrist cuffs.
After a couple of hours worth of sewing, and seriously offending my sewing machine in the meantime (I broke the needle, then it decided to sew backwards!!) I was quite happy with the results of my evening's work.....

That was until I started packing up. As I started to fold the jeans up to put away for further repurposing I looked at the pockets and thought to myself... "Gee they are girly pockets".... HANG ON!!! They ARE girly pockets!!!! THEY ARE MY JEANS!!!!!

My nice jeans gone :( I sure hope those wrist cuffs sell at the market on the weekend!!! Maybe I need to label them "designer"?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

The thing about Mother's day that I love the most...

Yesterday was mother's day.

When I was a child I used to whinge and complain that "it's not fair!! Why isn't there a children's day? I want to get presents too"... then my mother assured me that I do get a day! It's called christmas! Well I couldn't argue with that.

But now that I am all grown up and a mother myself I have truly grown to love mother's day.
See when I was growing up, we didn't make a huge deal about this special day for mum's. But we did celebrate mum! We would buy her a small present and do the washing up for her after lunch.
Swift Jim's family however made a much bigger deal... There were presents, croissants for breaky, lunch with family and an afternoon nap for his mum. Lovely!
So after I became a mum I embraced the traditions of Swift Jim's family...

So here are my favourite things about mothers day 2011...
* Croissants and tea in my fine china teapot and tea cup for breaky. (I don't do breakfast in bed, too messy)
* Lots of presents from my little family. This year from Swift Jim and Libby I got a new black cardigan. I can finally retire my ten year old one! And some chockies. The kids took some money to school to buy me gifts from the mother's day stall. Ella got me a pen that says "super mum" on the side and a keyring. Connor bought me a rock witha face painted on it and spent the rest of the money on an ice-block. HAH! They also made me lovely cards at school.
* Pooey nappy changes were not my responsibilty! YAY!
* A chocolate was given to all the mum's at church.
* Swift Jim made lunch.
* Fresh roses cut from my rose bush to decorate the lunch table.
* And an afternoon spent with precious family.

Who could ask for anything more special than that? The only thing missing was a nap. Never mind...

I hope all my other mummy readers had a lovely day too!

Friday, May 6, 2011

A little girl instead.....

It seems my littlest critter loves her new big girl bed!! We will see how she goes tonight at bed time!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Baby no longer...

My baby is sleeping in her cot for the last time. Her beloved bed.....
Tomorrow it will find use in another baby's home. It's sad to be at this stage. But I am also glad to be moving on.....

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Climbing Mt Everest....

Well virtually anyway!

I have signed up to do the Royal Children's Hospital Foundation's, Everest Virtual Challenge!

Which means that on the 30 May I will start a 2 week challenge to walk 10,000 steps each day until the 12 June. By doing this I will be raising money to help sick children!! (plus it might help me shed a few more kilos)

How can you be involved? Well you can sponsor me! Or you can join our team! We need 15 people to reach the [virtual] summit, our team is called "Doin it for the kids"
Check out my sponsor page here
I would love your support :)

Becky xo

Monday, April 18, 2011

The bain of my existance.....

You get to the end of the folding and washing pile only to find the dirty washing basket full.

You wash all the dishes only to need to dirty them again to make a meal.

You clean the toilet only to have someone use it again.

You make the beds only to mess them up again later that night.

You sweep the floors only to find crumbs after breakfast.

You take the rubbish out only to have a full kitchen bin by afternoon tea time.

You make dinner to only have the children whinge about it.

You wipe the table down to only have geckos poo all over it during the night.

You fold/iron their clothes neatly only to have them shove them into their drawers in a way which wrinkles them again.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

In the world of the Swift's...

I am trying to figure out how and when life become so busy? Let me share some facts from our current crazy life...

Fact #1:
Extra curricular activities like soccer and Boys Brigade keep Chestnut Cheeks and his taxi service busy...

(Apparently goalie's need to do handstands when they aren't busy stopping goals)

Fact #2:
The little critter keeps me on my toes with her exceptional climbing skills!

Fact #3:
As the kids' school was quite badly affected by flooding back in January [not just the school grounds but 50% of the students] there have been many community events and things to attend. We had one community breakfast with a roving reporter from Sunrise in attendance and only a week later John Shluter from Ch7 news and the 96.5 breaky crew came to school...

People have been so generous to our little community.

Fact #4:
Swift Jim and I have been involved in a biggest loser challenge for the past 6 weeks which goes for 12 weeks. We are half way through! Mr Swift has lost almost 10kg!! He is looking quite slim indeed! (And is currently in second place) I have lost 5kg thus far! Not too shabby.
The challenge is seeing many an early rise though in order to fit exercise into the day.

Fact #5:
Sewing! I have been quite slow this year in finding motivation to get the ball rolling with my sewing. Though I had a custom order recently for a BIG Babushka doll to be used as a signiture doll. I must say, it was quite fun to make and the project has re-inspired me!

Fact #6:
Swift Jim and I celebrated 10 years of marriage and were lucky enough to get a way by ourselves for a whole weekend to Mooloolaba! BLISS!!

Fact #7:
Remember a while ago my wishful post about Colour Conference? ( I can't find the link sorry) Well in 4 sleeps time I will be in Syndey with 4 of my best girlfriends at COLOUR!!!!!!! I am so incredibly excited!! Can't wait to tell you all about it!

I have been enjoying your blogs when I get a chance to read them :)
Love to you all
Beck xo

Monday, February 28, 2011

For Kate...

Here she is, Miss Libby....

Full of fun and mischief!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aussie Aussie Aussie!!

Love it! (appologies about the course language!)

Wishing you all a fantastic Australia Day!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

They're big.

Connor's first day in grade 2. Ella's first day of prep. Insane!

When did they grow up?