Friday, August 29, 2008

Getting creative

I have been borrowing my mum's sewing machine on & off for the past 7 years. I have one, it was my grandmothers. But it doesn't work so well these days...
Tomorrow I venture to our local Janome store to purchase a NEW WORKING machine!! YAY
Soon I will have more to talk about and show you than my two gorgeous kids!!
Let the creative juices flow!

Chitter Chatter

My children speak.
They speak VERY well and have done so since before their 1st birthdays.
Now usually one would be very pleased with this arrangement as it makes for better communication and less tantrums (so I hear).

The trouble is, it also makes for more arguments. Arguments between them & me... but more so, with each other....
One trip in the car;

CC: I had weet-bix for breakfast.
AE: I had beet-bix for breakbast too.
CC: No I had them not you.
AE: I did have them for breakbast!
Me: You BOTH had weet-bix, now please stop fighting about it!
CC: Well I had 2 weet-bix.
AE: I had 2 beet-bix too....

ANd around and around it goes until....


But then other times I witness lovely conversations like this;
This conversation happened at 6am one morning a while ago... I was still in bed & Swift Jim was getting ready for work.

AE: Daddy can you get my dummy, it fell down the hole. (side of her bed)
Daddy: No sweetie, its not bed time anymore, you dont need it.
AE: Oh.
AE runs to CC's bedroom. He is still in bed.
AE: CC, my dummy fell in the hole
CC jumps out of bed & runs to AE's room to investigate
CC: Right. [pause] Ok. [pause] AE, I will just get my glasses on and put some undies on then I will get it for you. Ok?"
AE: "Thankoo CC"

Another....Dinner time one night.

AE: " Why the eckos sleep now?" (geckos- we have a lot)
Mummy: " Well they like to sleep during the day AE"
AE: "Even the little baby ones?"
Mummy: "Yes AE"
AE: " Aww coot"

So whilst more often than not, I am going mad with their constant bickering. Sometimes, they melt me....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

not such a spring chicken now....

20- 23 years... early twenties.
24-26 years... mid twenties.
27- 29 years... late twenties.

Today I am 27. It's all down hill from here :P

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why I like op shops!

Coz they sell cheap stuff!!

Recently my son has been putting a dvd on for himself. Usually I dont mind so much because he asks first. He does it all himself. Great!

I think he has been pushing the dvd drawer closed instead of pushing the button for it to close.
Now its stuck. It wont open. So...

That means we can only watch videos... Do you remember those? They are those big old things with TAPE inside!

Anyhoo... we dont have many videos. We have a few from back before we bought a dvd player. Shrek, Chicken Run, Monsters Inc and wait for it..... THE WIGGLES!! And well frankly, I am sick of them!

Yesterday I was scouring the local op shop (second hand store) whilst killing time waiting for Chestnut Cheeks to finish Kindy and I found something special... something cheap..... something to keep me sane!! You would ONLY find it in an op shop....

Sweet!! $2 people!! A measly $2!!!!!!

I am officially doin' the happy dance!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

I am NOT a hoarder!

I'm not.... I am a chuckerouterer! Like my new word?
But for the last 2.5 years, our bedroom has become the junk room.

See, Before kids we had a spare room and a study/junk room. When Chestnut Cheeks came along, our study/junk room became the spare room/junk room/ study....
So, when Almond eyes came along. Well the computer made it's way to the lounge room, guests became familiar with our super compfy lounge & the junk migrated to our bedroom! Blergh.
I have attempted to de hoard over the past couple of years, but to no avail. As a lot of the stuff I either HAVE to keep (like tax records) or Swift Jim wont let me throw out (like books).

Recently it has become rediculous! So bad, that there is nowhere to walk. Which at 2am isn't so good when I have to get up to one of the children.
So we took the plunge & bought ourselves a mighty big book shelf & yesterday I set to work! I dehoarded BIG time! Now stuff fits :)

This is what it looked like before...

So, A boot full of stuff when to the local charity, our wheelie bin is full the the brim of rubbish!

But this is what it looks like now.....

Aside from needing a new curtain....A clear floor!!! Yipee!! I even tackled INSIDE of the cupboard! But I wont bore you with those pics! And at the very end of the day, I even mustered up the energy to change the sheets!

What an achievement!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Chestnut Cheeks is a bit of a sensative lad. And thats ok with me!

A year ago he was scared of Shrek. I put it on a few times in hopes that he might enjoy it, but every time I did he would chicken out about the time Shrek ROARED at the hunters (within the first 5 minutes).

Chestnut Cheeks and Almond Eyes have been very ill. A lot better now, but last week he stayed home from kindy as he was just too sick.

So I put Shrek on again. He is a little older and braver.

He loves it. Infact I think we have watched it at least once everyday since last Monday....

But here's the surprise... my dare devil 2.5 year Almond Eyes also loves it.

Such different Children!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Fuddy Duddy

Tonight I feel like an old fuddy duddy.

Well, lets face I have felt like that for a while now, but I got a blow this evening which infact confirmed it for me.

I recieved a text message from my sister in law (my hubby's sister) , who is quite hip & young.
She was asking " Are you going tonight? Coz I wasn't sure if you knew the time had changed?"
I wasn't sure what she was talking about exactly, but I had a feeling.....
So I asked "where to?" And recieved a reply.... "Bride to be's [my BIL's fiance] Hen's night!"

I wasn't invited.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Swift Jim..

You I truly believe I am married to the most wonderful man in the world.

He is thoughtful, compassionate, helpful, loving, spunky, a great father.... and the list can go on.

But recently I found out what he REALLY thinks of me!
One morning I was getting ready to go out. And he says...

"You know your getting older when you look better with make-up on!"

YIKES!!! We had a good laugh about it. Quite true infact.... but Sheesh!!
I love him.

Almond Eyes

And here's why my Daughter is Almond Eyes :)

Chestnut Cheeks

So I thought I would explain why I have given my son "Chestnut Cheeks" as his blog name....

need I say more :D


So I am new to this, and will be spending a little bit of time trying to figure all this out!

Bear with me while I get started :)