Sunday, May 29, 2011


I remember when I was a child. My mother was turning thirty. She was all like "woe is, me I'm getting old". And hense my perception of 30 from then on was "gee that's old".

This year it is my turn to turn thirty. In August! But you know what I am not at all worried or 'woe is me'.... I am EXCITED!!! What a great excuse to have a party!!

And maybe, just maybe for the first time in my adult life people will stop viewing me as too young.

When I got married at 19, many people voiced their concern that I was too young to be making such a committment. HAH ten years on I am still married to my best friend and have zero regret about my decision.
When I fell pregnant with my first child at 22 many people thought I was crazy for starting my family so young. HAH When I am 40, Connor will be almost an adult!

So all in all I am glad to be turning 30! I feel like my age has finally caught up to my life! How absurd!


Hippomanic Jen said...

Hey, it's not so old. And GOOD ON YOU for having kids young. If it had been a possible choice I would be there myself. So enjoy your party!

Emily Sue said...

If I'd had the opportunity I would have had as many kids as possible before 30. Age is just a number, and when you turn 30 you'll only be one day older than the day before - and THAT'S been happening all year! ;)

Jodie said...

Becky I totally get what you are saying. Maybe one day someone will tell my I am too young to have arthritis. 30 is the new 20! Lets enjoy it!

Crazy Sister said...

Wow, 19! Hope your closest family and friends were supportive of your marriage - stuff advice from people who didn't know you guys! It IS unusual, you must admit. But you can't apply statistics to individuals.

Oh, I'm rambling, so tired. Happy Birthday soon! I'll be about 6 months behind you on that particular milestone.

Givinya De Elba said...

Good on you for doing things early! I did some things early (study, work) and some things medium (starting a family) and some things older than I'd planned (finishing up on the family) but hey - this is the way it's fallen, and I am thankful too. But I sorta wish I could have done it ALL young! Only 24 hours in a day though. Enjoy 30, when it comes!