Tuesday, November 29, 2011


As I stepped into the sewing/computer room and opened the laptop, my two year old stood at the gate [that stops her from wreaking havic with pins and fabric and the like] and cried "Noooo Mummy"!! I thought to myself, "oh gee that's not good", then I replied to her, "Mummy won't be long"... After a while she went away and became entranced watching ABC Kids... the clock ticked by and after a while she came back crying "Nooooo Mummy". An hour had passed. I closed the computer then hurried to slap something together for dinner before Swift Jim got home from work. A common crazy sequence of events in the afternoons at my place.

Then yesterday I recieved this months edition of Footprints Magazine. I read through a few articles before bed and was seriously challenged by Jo's article called Unplugging from Social Media, you can read her piece here on her blog . It really struck a chord with me and I could really relate to what she was talking about. I pondered it a little through out the day today and decided to thank Janet for this months edition of Footprints on her Facebook page. She kindly linked me to a couple of other blog posts in regards to unplugging including one of hers. You can read it here .

You know that lump in your throat when you just know what the right thing to do is? Well I have it now.
Facebook has become such a massive part of my life, all consuming! Why don't I hear from God more? Probably because I have silly status updates running through my head constantly. It's a big step. My biggest fear of unplugging is "being out of the loop". Ridiculous isn't it. I survived before FB, there is surely life after it.
And my real friends will still make an effort with me no matter what.

My children deserve a Mummy that is present- present, not present-absent, there but not really there.
I feel like I have wasted too much precious time. They are only little for such a small amount of time. God gave me three precious gifts. The least I can do is enjoy them and give them my best. Afterall, God gave me His best when he gave me Jesus.

I feel like I am about to jump out of plane. I'm Unplugging from Facebook.
{thank goodness I never started twitter}

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A reward...

I am back on track with my weightloss journey! Infact I tried on several dresses last week for our family portrait photo session.. Each dress I tried on was a size 14!! YAY I am only 1 dress size off my goal now! So excited...

I said at the beginning of the year that our reward for such a big weightloss effort would be really nice family portraits, not cheap pixi photo ones....

We ventured out to a farm out in the sticks late on sunday afternoon for the best light....
It was such a fun adventure, we all had an absolute blast and I am THRILLED with our sneak peak picture! We get to view the full shoot next week, I can't wait!!

You can see more of Miss A's lovely work at her website Popeto Portrait Studio