Monday, May 9, 2011

The thing about Mother's day that I love the most...

Yesterday was mother's day.

When I was a child I used to whinge and complain that "it's not fair!! Why isn't there a children's day? I want to get presents too"... then my mother assured me that I do get a day! It's called christmas! Well I couldn't argue with that.

But now that I am all grown up and a mother myself I have truly grown to love mother's day.
See when I was growing up, we didn't make a huge deal about this special day for mum's. But we did celebrate mum! We would buy her a small present and do the washing up for her after lunch.
Swift Jim's family however made a much bigger deal... There were presents, croissants for breaky, lunch with family and an afternoon nap for his mum. Lovely!
So after I became a mum I embraced the traditions of Swift Jim's family...

So here are my favourite things about mothers day 2011...
* Croissants and tea in my fine china teapot and tea cup for breaky. (I don't do breakfast in bed, too messy)
* Lots of presents from my little family. This year from Swift Jim and Libby I got a new black cardigan. I can finally retire my ten year old one! And some chockies. The kids took some money to school to buy me gifts from the mother's day stall. Ella got me a pen that says "super mum" on the side and a keyring. Connor bought me a rock witha face painted on it and spent the rest of the money on an ice-block. HAH! They also made me lovely cards at school.
* Pooey nappy changes were not my responsibilty! YAY!
* A chocolate was given to all the mum's at church.
* Swift Jim made lunch.
* Fresh roses cut from my rose bush to decorate the lunch table.
* And an afternoon spent with precious family.

Who could ask for anything more special than that? The only thing missing was a nap. Never mind...

I hope all my other mummy readers had a lovely day too!


Jodie said...

Sounds like an awesome Mothers day!

Crazy Sister said...

Unfortunately, I play piano every single week for an 8:30 church service, so sleeping in is out of the question. And hubby usually works, so poo cleanup is still my responsibility.

BUT I got handmade cards and school-bought presents, and the kids were excited to make a big deal out of me. So it was nice!