Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Last week was the week that Aunt Flo came for a visit. Now usually when that happens I tend to sabotage my weightloss efforts to some degree because let's face it, chocolate is really the only thing that will get me through those few dark days. But somehow that sabotage has continued on to this week. It seems I am failing dismally at all attempts to resist bad food. Lots of bad habits are slipping back in and I am feeling quite meh about it all.
Is it even possible to realistically EVER get to my goal weight? How is it that some people find it really easy to diet their way to a healthy size AND maintain it. They do it in a short(ish) time frame and are able to keep the new habits they have made. I have gained weight for the past 2 weigh ins and I fear that this week will be the same. Some what embarrasing when you are in a challenge with 7 other people.

For me, I think food is an addiction, especially that which contains lots of sugar.
I have kicked the coke habit, so that's something I guess. (And by coke, I am refering to coca cola).

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The realisation that 30 is indeed past my youth...

Today I was trying on some shorts in Target. You know how Target has heaps of mirrors in the change rooms so you can see your outfit from every angle... Well apparently I have a massive vericose vein on the back of one of my calfs. I gasped!! Not only that, but I have had to pluck a few grey hairs out of my eyebrows lately...

Yep, it's official. I am no longer youthful anymore.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's been a while, I know!!

Sorry. Sorry for not updating very often and sorry for not commenting on your blogs.
I just simply cannot think of many worthwhile bloggable things and so I appologise. Also in regards to the not commenting, it wont let me. I have tried many times, but it just keeps logging me out, so I have given up. I do still read your blogs however, so I hope you don't think I have deserted you all.

So let me give you an update on the Swift's....

Me: I now work 4 days a week at an Optometrist. I gave up hairdressing altogether and absolutely LOVE my new job. As a result though I am still learning to juggle working, housework, homework and just doing the mum thing in general. But for the most part I am enjoying it. I am also just over 1/3 of my way to my weightloss goal. I have lost 12kg since february! Yay me!!

Swift Jim: Is certainly very swift these days! He has taken up cycling since losing 22kg earlier in the year and on the weekend completed a 100km bike ride!! So proud of him!

Chestnut Cheeks: Well he is soccer mad. He plays every thursday afternoon in a club and is out in the back yard every spare minute he has kicking the ball around. He also goes to Boys Brigade every friday night, which he loves too. He, me & homework however... BLAH don't get me started!!

Almond Eyes: She is my climber. Always up the tree or on top of the swing set. I enrolled her into Gymnastics last term and again this term, turns out she is quite talented! She was moved up a level after 3 weeks!

Cheeky Monkey: Well cheeky should have been her middle name! She is so cute. Even when she throws firey tantrums, which she does well and often. She is learning all her colours at the moment and when passing an oval surrounded by Jacaranda trees yesterday she exclaimed with much delight "Upple Tee!!!" which translated means, Purple Tree. Now every time we pass a jacaranda tree, she gets very excited. She is also learning how to use a potty at the moment. Not my idea of fun, but one of life's nessesities I guess.

I shall leave you with a picture of Dan and the kids after his big ride on sunday :)