Thursday, June 25, 2009

Getting ready for bubba!! Part 2....

I need to move the children into one bedroom so that Itty Bitty can have its own room. I have a dilemma though....
When AE was 20 months old, we thought we were done with babies & decided to do her room up...

It's very pink! Very very pink!! She adores it, as do I.

CC's room is very boyish...

He also loves his room.

My dilemma is that I am unsure which room to put the baby in & which room to bunk the two older kids in!

We dont know if Itty Bitty is a boy or a girl?! Originally the plan was to put the baby in Ella's room & the two kids in Connor's room. It seems the most logical... But if Itty Bitty turns out to be a BOY (which is my gut instinct) it will have to endure a HOT pink bedroom! Oh what to do?

What are your thoughts?

Chitter Chatter

With the arrival of Swine Flu in our house, so came the arrival of Tamiflu. Medication to treat the horrid flu.

CC: It still tastes yucky after a jelly bean.

Me: But you had 3 jelly beans, that should take the taste away

CC: NO, 61 jelly beans will take the taste away!!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So Miss P and I had a brilliant time in Melbourne! Firstly, we were child free! That is always a serious bonus.... secondly we were spouse free, which meant LOTS of shopping :D
Friday we hit the city... lots of little boutiques & lovely alley way coffee shops. Not to mention the chocolate shops! Mmmmm..... Late friday afternoon we treated ourselves to some pampering. Miss P had a 40 min back & shoulder massage & I had a 40 min foot massage. Heaven! I actually fell asleep hehe....
Friday evening we ate at a lovely Italian Restaurant then had a romantic horse & carriage ride around the city. (Very well worth the price).
Saturday was spent doing MORE shopping at one of the HUGEST shopping centres in the southern Hemisphere. My feet were sore by the end of that! Then I got to visit a good friend and her brand spanking new baby in hospital...
Saturday night I was TOOOO tired & my feet were too sore to head out, so we got take away for dinner & watched a movie in our room.
Sunday we hit the St Kilda Markets, they were a little dissapointing I must say... But The cake shops on Ackland St were certainly NOT a dissapointment.....
Then it was back to the city & the Queen Victoria Markets for an hour before heading back to the airport. A whirlwind tour indeed!
Where in that period of time do you think I contracted Swine Flu?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

How do you know if you have Swine Flu?

So, my weekend away was wonderful! I will post about it another day....
It was wonderful until I returned home.
Flying home sunday night I had an annoying cough which continued all night long.
Monday the cough got worse which sent me into coughing fits that I couldn't catch my breath after. I called Swift Jim at work & he promptly came home. Mid afternoon monday we called an ambulance as I couldn't breath properly. That was scary!! Turns out I was just hyperventalating. Went to the GP for a check up, but got the all clear as I hadn't had any fevers.
Monday night we headed to the hospital as the fevers started. Got swabbed and went home. Let me tell you, nose swabs are NOT fun!
Tuesday felt rotten all day. Wednesday, still felt rotten. Got a call from QLD Health lateish on wednesday afternoon confirming that infact, yes I do have Swine flu!! So we are all in quarentine until I am better. Ella is starting to show similar syptoms though, so we will have to wait her out too. That is unless the boys get it too!! Oh I hope not!
So today I am feeling a bit better, although I am fairly sure I cracked a rib during one of my coughing episodes last night so that is causing me some pain.... I will however live, that is a positve thing...

I think I need to get a shirt printed for Itty Bitty that says...

I survived Parvo Virus
Swine Flu

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thanks Monique!

My gorgeously awesome new nappy bag for Itty Bitty arrived today!!
Monique was so prompt with making it & posting it all the way from America!!
I cant wait to use it!! :D Thanks heaps Monique!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chitter Chatter

Yesterday on the Queens Public holiday we headed to the park with some friends...

Connor was watching some big kids on the scate board ramp thingo. Which had me a little concerned. We found out a little while later why....

Swift Jim & the kids were bouncing a ball as high as they could on the basket ball court. When Connor asked Daddy this;

"Daddy make it go funkin high"

Yikes! Lovely! Oh boy!! Thankfully he hasn't said it again. If he does we will have to have the language talk!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Swine Flu!

So here in Australia Swine Flu is apparently spreading like wildflowers!! Especially in Victoria! Now this has me worried for a few reasons. 1. I have some good friends who live down there, I would hate for them to catch it! 2. If it comes too close to CC's school, I will have to keep him home for at least 7 days.... And number 3. Next week my best friend & I are travelling to Melbourne City to celebrate 25 years of friendship!!

Now we have been friends for most of our lives (given that we are both only [almost] 28 years old!) We went to kindergarten together & have remained friends ever since. We are like sisters! Infact she even calls my parents, Mum & dad! So we have been really looking forward to having a weekend away in Melbourne. We plan to shop, dine & get pampered!! OOh I cant wait..... But hang on!!! Swine Flu!! Oh yeah.... How will I prevent myself from catching this? I refuse to wear a daggy face mask!! I think I will just use hand sanitizer a lot!! Then of course there is the weeks quarentine I have to endure upon my return! I am sure the trip will be worth it... so long as we don't actually catch Swine Flu!! GAH.....