Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby Brain or just bad Mum?

Today I was pottering on the computer & at about 2:00pm I decided to sit on the lounge for a few minutes with Almond eyes before we had to leave to pick Chestnut Cheeks up from school.
I closed my eyes, sort of drifted off but was awake because I had half an ear on AE. She kept asking me to tie her hair up.
I thought I should check my watch as it felt like about 1/2 an hour since I sat down. Yep 2:30! Rightio time to go & pick CC up from school.
So we headed off, not really noticing the lack of traffic on the roads.... I pulled into the side street which CC's prep class is on & flicked my eyes down at the car clock.... 3:40pm it read... take 2... 3:40 did that say?? Take 3.... yes, quick check of the watch... yep 3:40pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!
S H I T!!!! Now I dont normally swear, but heck my poor little almost 5 year old boy had been waiting FOURTY minutes for me to come!!!!!!!!!!
I chucked a quick U-y & darted around to the front of the school and parked in front of the office. It was then that I noticed the lack of cars, children & the lollipop lady at the crossing *GULP*...
I ripped AE out of her chair & carried her (OUCH) whilst running (OUCH) to the office.
There was Chestnut Cheeks smiling his biggest smile at me, totally relieved to see that I had come!
I straight away said sorry about 1000 times to him & promised it would NEVER happen again.
I have since made his favourite for dinner... lasagne. He is stoked with that.

I honestly have NO idea how that happened I swear the clock said 2:30pm when I left home. Somehow I lost an hour somwhere.....??????????????????? Spooky!!

How bad do I feel.........................REALLY bad!!!!! Thank goodness children are so forgiving!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Children and small spaces are not a good combination!

The title should really say it all....

School pick up was interesting today. We usually arrive about 20 mins early so that we can get a car park. As usual we were sitting on the bench outside CC's classroom while we were waiting.
She has done this before, but today it went bad....
Often I have had to discourage Almond Eyes from sliding behind the bench. You see the bench is bolted to the concrete & right behind the bench is the classroom wall. Not much room inbetween.
Usually I catch her with only one leg down the gap... today I didn't realise she was all the way in until she said "I'm stuck"!
Ok stay calm.... I tried to lift her out with no luck. I tried to straighten her legs so that we could wriggle her free. They were stuck. Ok, so my phone was in the car, one of the other mum's waited with her while I ran to get my phone... incase i needed to ring 000... [note:running is not good for a pregnant woman]
Got back & she was surprisingly not crying anymore... ahhh someone had a stash of lollipops in their bag!
So I went into CC's class room and asked the teacher's aide for a little help. She grabbed some washing detergent.
AE was well and truly wedged behind that bench. She was also starting to get quite frightened... They called the school janitor.... he came and had a good look & climbed under the bench to see if he could wriggle her legs free... still no luck...
Then we all proceeded to strip her clothes off the best we could. AE was hysterical at this point. Once the clothes were off she was then lathered up with washing up detergent. A little more manouvering & she was free. All slimey she was in my arms.... both of us crying!
We then went inside & washed her off a bit put her shirt back on & went home....

This is not the first time she has become stuck in a small space.... I fear it wont be the last either!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Now I can relax

I appologise in advance that most of my posts recently have been about the baby... Sorry!

Anyhoo... had ANOTHER scan today.
There was a heart beat *thumbsup*! Bubby was wriggling around quite a lot which was totally cute!!! But apparently a pain for the sonographer... see she had to find this tiny wee little vein in baby's brain and measure the blood flow through this vein to see if baby is anaemic or not (that is the main side effect of that nasty virus I had a while back).
After a number of attempts bubby held still for about 5 seconds... long enough to get the picture and measure, phew!!
The results... blood flow is within the normal range for a baby of 16 weeks gestation! WOO HOO!!! So we have been cleared!! That was the last of the parvo related scans! I am so relieved that baby wont need a blood transfusion, nor will he/she have to be born 6 weeks early!! Everything can now proceed normally!!! YEEHAA!!!!
I do however have another scan in 2 weeks... the normal 18w one!

Praise God for a healthy baby!!!!! I am a very happy Mummy today :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Choosing names!


Why is it that the wife pours over name books writing down all the ones she likes, whilst the husband scraps all the names she likes. Even adores! To only come up with NOTHING himself?!

Our child is going to be nameless I am sure!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What's the go with Tuesdays?

This is getting wierd! Every Tuesday morning I wake up feeling yuck & end up spending most of the day vomitting! Most other days of the week food stays in, I feel nausious but I dont actually throw up!! But on Tuesdays for some wierd reason I am ill, very ill!!

ALmost 15w.... I was 16w when morning/all day sickness stopped with Almond eyes. I was 20w with Chestnut Cheeks..... I wonder how much longer I have this time.....

Monday, March 9, 2009

Things must be looking up...

I went grocery shopping this morning with Almond eyes...

Amazing! I havn't done a good & proper grocery shop since before christmas. I have done a few mini ones. Yanno, grab some milk bread & bananas.... Swift Jim has been doing the proper ones!
But this morning I spent $140 on groceries!! Which means I did a decent one, not a mini one! And I did it with Almond eyes which is usually a really exhausting experience in itself! But she behaved & it went smoothly! Woohoo!! Things must be looking up :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Swift Jim and I are celebrating 8 years of marriage today! EIGHT YEARS!! How fast has that time gone!!
It's been a great eight years! And I am looking forward to many more blocks of 8 years :D
Enjoy some wedding snaps... we look like babies!