Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Last week was the week that Aunt Flo came for a visit. Now usually when that happens I tend to sabotage my weightloss efforts to some degree because let's face it, chocolate is really the only thing that will get me through those few dark days. But somehow that sabotage has continued on to this week. It seems I am failing dismally at all attempts to resist bad food. Lots of bad habits are slipping back in and I am feeling quite meh about it all.
Is it even possible to realistically EVER get to my goal weight? How is it that some people find it really easy to diet their way to a healthy size AND maintain it. They do it in a short(ish) time frame and are able to keep the new habits they have made. I have gained weight for the past 2 weigh ins and I fear that this week will be the same. Some what embarrasing when you are in a challenge with 7 other people.

For me, I think food is an addiction, especially that which contains lots of sugar.
I have kicked the coke habit, so that's something I guess. (And by coke, I am refering to coca cola).


Givinya De Elba said...

Aunt Flo is really knocking you around. Her fault. Any ideas on giving the old crone the heave-ho? The crusty old witch.

Crazy Sister said...

That sounds so depressing. Well done on kicking your coke habit! LOL

Hippomanic Jen said...

Why is it that we all hate Aunty Flo for the fact that it's her fault that we've gained, and yet, one of the major symptoms of menopause is weightgain? Tis a mystery.

I hope things look better soon.

Emily Sue said...

Something that I have found really helpful is changing my language around these things - like eliminating the phrase "bad foods". There shouldn't be any morality attached to food.

I am also trying to lose weight, having lost a lot but regained it all and then some, but I find I don't do well when I focus on weight loss as my goal. That's when I'm far more likely to binge eat, followed by setting strict rules as some sort of punishment for the 'bad' eating. It just doesn't work for me. So right now my primary goal is "health and strength". Yes, I'm still counting calories and trying to stay within a specified limit that will enable me to lose weight at a sensible and healthy rate, but that's only a minor goal. When I'm exercising, I remind myself I'm doing it to be healthy and strong - because if it's just for weight loss, I will stop exercising as soon as I hit my goal weight. When I'm eating vegetables and healthy food, I remind myself it's to help me be healthy and strong... because every time I call it a diet, I fail. And although it feels ridiculous, I actually have to SAY the words to myself - "this is to help me be healthy and strong, because I DESERVE IT". It's all about retraining the brain.

I do still eat chocolate or fatty foods, and some days I go way over my calorie allowance, but when that happens I just write the day off and start again the next day. And the next day and the next day.

And yes, food or particular food habits can be an 'addiction', in that the pleasure centres of your brain are wired in to them. But over time as you change eating habits you will build new neural pathways in your brain.

Which is all a very long-winded way of saying... you're doing well, don't beat yourself up!

Swift Jan said...

Thanks for the wise words Emily Sue xo