Monday, June 6, 2011

A hell of a week.

Last Tuesday the fevers started so I took little Libby to see the doctor. Tonsilitus was the verdict. So I had to take wednesay off work. Tuesday night neither of us got much sleep. Wednesday she slept for most of the day. Wednesday night she woke a lot, in pain. Thursday I took the day off work. She slept all day, still getting fevers. Thursday night. She woke often, in pain. Friday I took the day off work. So did Swift Jim (he was sick too). She slept for most of the day again and woke often during the night coughing and in pain. Saturday, I rang the doctor again. She is now covered in a rash and is no better. She has a viral infection ON TOP of the tonsiltus. Saturday afternoon, the car overheated on me. Sunday we all stayed home from church. Partly due to no car, but mostly due to illness. Sunday night, I only got up to her ONCE!!
That now brings us to today. Swift Jim stayed home to finish recovering from his illness and he stayed with Libby while I went to work. Her rash is pretty much gone and there is mischief in her eyes again. Excellent, she is reading to go back to her daycare mum's place tomorrow so I can work.

Except. Ella is now complaing of a sore throat.

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Givinya De Elba said...

Oh Beck, that's awful. I hope that if poor Ella has it too, she can get antibiotics quickly and doesn't get too bad. That horrible "ElbaPlague" we had in 2009 (when you & I were pregnant with Joe and Libby) was a bout of horrible tonsillitus gone wrong - so glad that Libby is on the mend. It's not easy to deal with!