Thursday, June 23, 2011

Here's an embarrasing story for you...

This morning I woke up all refreshed and excited because it is my day off from work. Just me and Libby today! I had lots of jobs and errands to run and I was looking forward to it. So after hanging out the washing (*which was an interesting experience in itself*)Libby and I hopped into the car and headed to the shops. First errand was to get a new nose pad for her specs as one had fallen off and it was bothering her. Understandably. So I dropped into work before hitting the grocery shop. The time was 10:15am. On a normal working day my shift starts at 10am.
I walked into work and J says "ahh you're here..." she then noticed that a) I wasn't in a uniform and b) I had a toddler with me. "Um aren't you, um supposed to be working today"? By this stage I had come to the embarrasing realisation that I infact was NOT supposed to be having my day off today. I was infact supposed to be having it TOMORROW! Needless to say, I am now having two days off.....
I was (and still am) mortified!!! I can't believe I got that mixed up!! It's as clear as anything on the roster too!! I reckon my cheeks must have turned bright red!
Thank goodness I work for a boss who can see the humour in things. GAH!

* I discovered 2 things whilst hanging out my washing this morning.
1. I have solved the mystery of the missing socks dilemma. It seems like for the last week Connor has been going through an awful lot of socks! I found out why! He is wearing 2 pairs to bed each night!!! That'll do it.
2. Ella has been decorating her sheets with an emuu stamp. You know the type of ink that doesn't wash out! HAH!

Monday, June 6, 2011

A hell of a week.

Last Tuesday the fevers started so I took little Libby to see the doctor. Tonsilitus was the verdict. So I had to take wednesay off work. Tuesday night neither of us got much sleep. Wednesday she slept for most of the day. Wednesday night she woke a lot, in pain. Thursday I took the day off work. She slept all day, still getting fevers. Thursday night. She woke often, in pain. Friday I took the day off work. So did Swift Jim (he was sick too). She slept for most of the day again and woke often during the night coughing and in pain. Saturday, I rang the doctor again. She is now covered in a rash and is no better. She has a viral infection ON TOP of the tonsiltus. Saturday afternoon, the car overheated on me. Sunday we all stayed home from church. Partly due to no car, but mostly due to illness. Sunday night, I only got up to her ONCE!!
That now brings us to today. Swift Jim stayed home to finish recovering from his illness and he stayed with Libby while I went to work. Her rash is pretty much gone and there is mischief in her eyes again. Excellent, she is reading to go back to her daycare mum's place tomorrow so I can work.

Except. Ella is now complaing of a sore throat.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Just so you know....

Blogger wont let me comment on my friend's blogs, it is making me sign in continuously and I give up! I am reading your blogs :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The best money I ever spent!

My son's hero is Sportacus.

Check out youtube to see why he is so awesome!
I expect Connor loves him because he plays soccer and can do cool tricks.
Two years ago for his 5th birthday I bought him a Sportacus costume.

He has worn it to many parties, many play dates, to the shops and just around the house in general.
Now at age 7, two years on the costume gets a workout more than ever. Without fail, every day after school he drags it out, and practises his tricks on the trampoline. He is quite good at doing flips now! The knees have holes in them, the belt is broken and the legs are covered in grass stains, but it doesn't stop him. He just loves that costume.

Not to mention the 2-3 dozen apples (sports candy) we go through every week!!!

But I'm not complaining at all. I am thanking Sportacus for making my little fella super interested in sport and eating healthy!

Chitter Chatter

My breakfast conversation with Elizabeth.

Libby: Mummy
Me: Yes Libby?
Libby: khfkdhfskfjhskhkhaksjhfk
Me: Oh right.
Libby: Mummy
Me: Yes Libby?
Libby: khfsdjhkskhkhadskhdskfjhdsk
Me: I don't know what you are saying.
Libby: Mummy
Me: Yes Libby?
Libby: kskjhfkdhfkhfaksjfhkdfh
Me: Riiiiiight
Libby: Mummy?
Me: Hmmmmmm?
Libby: Mummy!
Me: Libby are you finished your breakfast?
Libby: Yeah.