Sunday, March 13, 2011

In the world of the Swift's...

I am trying to figure out how and when life become so busy? Let me share some facts from our current crazy life...

Fact #1:
Extra curricular activities like soccer and Boys Brigade keep Chestnut Cheeks and his taxi service busy...

(Apparently goalie's need to do handstands when they aren't busy stopping goals)

Fact #2:
The little critter keeps me on my toes with her exceptional climbing skills!

Fact #3:
As the kids' school was quite badly affected by flooding back in January [not just the school grounds but 50% of the students] there have been many community events and things to attend. We had one community breakfast with a roving reporter from Sunrise in attendance and only a week later John Shluter from Ch7 news and the 96.5 breaky crew came to school...

People have been so generous to our little community.

Fact #4:
Swift Jim and I have been involved in a biggest loser challenge for the past 6 weeks which goes for 12 weeks. We are half way through! Mr Swift has lost almost 10kg!! He is looking quite slim indeed! (And is currently in second place) I have lost 5kg thus far! Not too shabby.
The challenge is seeing many an early rise though in order to fit exercise into the day.

Fact #5:
Sewing! I have been quite slow this year in finding motivation to get the ball rolling with my sewing. Though I had a custom order recently for a BIG Babushka doll to be used as a signiture doll. I must say, it was quite fun to make and the project has re-inspired me!

Fact #6:
Swift Jim and I celebrated 10 years of marriage and were lucky enough to get a way by ourselves for a whole weekend to Mooloolaba! BLISS!!

Fact #7:
Remember a while ago my wishful post about Colour Conference? ( I can't find the link sorry) Well in 4 sleeps time I will be in Syndey with 4 of my best girlfriends at COLOUR!!!!!!! I am so incredibly excited!! Can't wait to tell you all about it!

I have been enjoying your blogs when I get a chance to read them :)
Love to you all
Beck xo