Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In a mere 6 weeks...

I gained 5 kilos.

It is SO easy to put it on and yet SOOOOOO hard to get it off.

So. Not. Fair.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Smurf invasion...

It seems that blue has invaded our pre historic television....

First, the tennis players turned blue.

And the crowd!

So I flicked channels & Gordan Ramsey is blue.

So I flicked channels again. Yep, the Goodwife is also blue...

As is Sandra Sully.

My hope arose. Swift Jim squashed them by turning our set top box off and then back on again. The smurfs have left and my dinosaur tv still works. Looks like we are stuck with it for a bit longer.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Some thoughts

Trying to figure out what goes on in my kids' heads...
I said to them in the car. "If you behave at the grocery shop we will have morning tea at the coffee shop. But if I have to rouse at you we will go straight home".
We went straight home.

I figured out that the reason my ironing pile is so huge is because we own too many clothes. Time to declutter.

I have discovered reusable book covers. That is exciting because this year I have 42 books to cover for back to school next week!

And finally. I have made some updates on my side bar. I figured it was due since the photo of Miss L was of her as a newborn baby!! Enjoy xo

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trying to think of a reason...

To put on my tutu again.

One doesn't aquire such an awesome addition to the wardrobe to only wear it once.
I have come up with a few reasons. Not entirely sure how appropriate they are though.

1. My parents are having their induction into their pastoral position at their new church on the 5 Feb. Surely a hot pink tutu at a conservative Baptist church is absolutely appropriate... yes?
2. I'm singing at church next sunday morning.....yes?
3. My MIL's birthday is in a week or so. I'm sure she'd love me to wear it to dinner celebrations... yes?

Or maybe I could just do the housework in it for something a little bit special?
Or maybe I could just turn 30 again this year???

Do you have any ideas?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's completely everywhere!

I was standing in the checkout line at Big W the other day and started reading the covers of all the magazines while I waited. I saw my hand reaching for one of them intrigued to read more after the headline caught my eye.
Then I stopped myself. I realised something. Almost every popular magazine in front of me had something in common with each other....

"I lost 8 kilos in 12 weeks - Find out how"

"Your best body ever"

"Sexy Summer Diet"

"Get sexy abs in only 14 days"

"The body issue"

"Bikini War"

"Flat Belly secrets"

"Best Bikini makeovers ever"

"Diets to your door- weight loss made easy"

"Which laser treatment will change your life"

"Bikini confidence - 16 tips that really work"

"Booty vs Bones"

I kid you not, these are truly the headlines on the covers of all the popular magazines this week. Maybe they are milking the coming of the new year for all it's worth? But the amount of reference to losing weight and improving ones appearance astounded me. Needless to say I resisted the urge to purchase that magazine.

I am trying to figure out what my reason's for losing weight are....?
Is it because I really want it, or is it because the rest of the world is telling me I should?

I am really very unsure. I mean, I remember how good I felt when I was [young] and slim. I was confident and felt pretty. But, I think that most of the time I still feel that way (when I make an effort).
What am I striving for? Do I want to "fit in" or feel good? And is the battle really worth it?

We live in such a superficial world.