Sunday, August 30, 2009

Swift Appologies!!!

It seems that the age old saying that men cannot do more than one thing at a time is completely true!!!!
Swift Jim did infact update my facebook, but was so totally consumed with his nerdy computer games that he forgot about the blog.
So Sorry!!!
Anyhow... Here is our bundle of joy....
Elizabeth Cate "Libby"
Born 27 August at 4:50pm
Weight 8lb 3oz
So the guesses were coreect on your part! She is indeed a beautiful little girl!! I however was sure she would infact be he!! But I am just delighted to have another daughter!! So gorgeous!
Sorry the picture is a bit dodgy... Will post some better pictures soon I promise.
Here are the kids proud as punch with their new little sister...
will most more about the birth etc soon.....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Breakfast before sunrise...

As I sit here eating the only meal I am allowed to eat until who knows when later today, I ponder a few things...

  • Will it be a girl or a boy?
  • Will I freak out during the operation?
  • How long will I have to wait around before baby arrives?
  • OH MY GOODNESS!!! I get to meet Itty Bitty TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mixed emotions this morning. I have been awake since 4am. The breaky alarm didn't go off until 5:30am, however I was awake long before that. Excited? Yes. Nervous? Yes. But mostly excited I think.

My caesarean isn't booked until this afternoon. I have to arrive at the hospital at 10am, then the operation is scheduled for sometime AFTER 1:30pm. I dont know what order on the list I am, I wont find that out until I get there. So if I am last & they need to do any emergancies in the mean time Itty Bitty may not arrive until late this afternoon. Boy I will be hungry by then!! But hopefully there will be no delays! Hopefully!!

Swift Jim promised me that he would post an update for you all when he gets home from the hospital tonight! So, stay tuned!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Clinging onto the 20's

28 Today!! :) Happy Birthday Me!!!!

Two more years in my twenties.... remind me to cherish everyday!!! 30 is approaching awefully quickly!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Winter or Summer?

So we are in the last days of winter here in Australia, however....

It's SUMMER weather!!! CrAzY times!!

Yesterday it topped a whopping 36 degrees here, today was slightly cooler. How nuts is that. The temperature was 10 degrees hotter than normal....

How cruel to make Madam Circumferance (Swift Jim's boss has given me that nick nme. Nice.) here endure such temperatures at this stage of pregnancy!! Blimey.....

Other parts of Australia are enduring od summer like weather also... crazy storms left right and centre.
So bizarre.....

Anyway 2 sleeps to go!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ready for Itty Bitty

  • Assemble pram check
  • Put car seat in car check
  • wash the baby's clothes check
  • Pack the hospital bags check ( almost)
  • NAME THE BABY check

Now all I need to do is clean the house, if I can find the motivation......

Sunday, August 23, 2009


This weekend was the last weekend EVER that we will be a family of four!! From next weekend on, we will be five! WOW......

Friday just gone was my last child free day (as in all kids at school or kindy) for a few years!

This Wednesday coming will be the last birthday I have when I get all the attention. From next year on I will have to share! WOW....

Would I change a thing though? No way!! :D

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Rollercoaster Week...

My computer is still broken, but Swift Jim kindly left me his laptop to play with today while he is at work. Bless him xxoo

So the past week has been CrAzY!!
Thursay13th : Had my regular check up with the OB to make sure all things pregnancy were going smoothly. Not so! Turns out that that the big bulge at the top of my abdomin for the past month has infact been baby's head. So, Itty Bitty is presenting breech.
As our local hospital doesn't deliver known breech babies I was given two options.
1. An ECV, trying to turn the baby. Best performed between 34-36 weeks. I was 37w last Thursday. The risks involved are premature labour, baby's heart rate dropping due to pinched umbilical cord and the placenta could come detached from the uterus wall. Chances of an emergancy caesarean very high. Success rate during the ideal time of 34-36w is 50-60%. Less if performed after that.
2. Elective Caesarean performed at 39 weeks.
The doctor gave us the weekend to think about it....
Friday 14th: Was in a bit of a daze, trying to figure out the best option for our baby, who has already been through enough this pregancy. However was looking forward to catching up with 2 friends for dinner in the city that night. Only to be stood up by both friends.
Saturday 15th: Dan & I had come to the conclusion that an elective c-section was going to be the safest & less stressful option for both baby & I. We were feeling ok with it.
Decided to clean the car out put the baby capsule in the car. Only to discover that the capsule didn't fit in our car. So dug out the old convertable car seat that Ella & Connor used. It was covered in mould!!! ICK!! We went to Target & bought a brand new seat. Installed it. Phew....
Sunday 16th: Had some friends over for lunch. It was a nice distraction....
Monday 17th : The appointment with the doctor to book the c-section we had decided on had arrived. I had been looking forward to it ever since we had made our decision.
The doctor we saw on monday was a different Doctor. I have seen a different doctor every visit. Quite frustrating but to be expected in the public system. The doctor did the regular checks & made sure baby was still in a breech position then went and got the appointment book. After flicking through several times she declared that there were infact NO appointments left. NONE! She made a quick call to double check with someone. So what did she do? She booked me in for the 7th of September. That's four days PAST my due date. Her instruction from there was that if I went into labour prior to that date, to go straight to the hospital with my first contraction & they would rush me in for an emergancy caesarean. Meanwhile if someone else cancelled, she would slot me in earlier. Riiiight.... Her parting words, "There is no need to worry"!!
I left the hospital a mess. So many questions unanswered, so many what if's, and why wasn't MY baby important enough to be squeezed in somewhere? For the remainder of the day I cried a lot.
In the afternoon, I decided to call a few other hospitals in Brisbane to see if they could fit me in. Well, apparently the parperwork to transfer me wold take too long & I was better off staying put. So then, I decided to call the hospital and speak to someone different than the Doctor I had seen that morning. The best advice the lady I spoke with could give me was to call every few days to see if a spot had become available. *sigh*
Tuesday 18th: Still feeling quite worried & scared, I stayed at home all day & avoided interacting with people. Including my own kids.... :(
Wednesday 19th: Tried calling the antinatal clinic before heading out in the morning. No answer. Went and had coffee with my Bride friend for her birthday and when I got home at lunch time I promptly rang the hospital again. Was told to call back in half hour as the doctors were on lunch. It was the longest half hour ever!! But I called back & was put through to the head midwife... Our conversation follows;
Me: Hi My name is Becky.... I am booked in on the 7th September for a caesarean, however my actual due date is the 4th. They couldn't fit me in any earlier. I am just wondering if any sooner appointments have become available?
Her: What? Say that again!!
[so I did]
Her: That's ridiculous!! I cant believe they did that! Please hold on a moment.....
[midwife is discussing how terrible it is in the background to another person, then it went quiet for a few minutes]
Her: Becky, I need to discuss this further, can I call you back?
Me: of course.
So an hour an a half passed & it was time to pick Connor up from school, so I made sure I had my mobile phone with me. I was starting to get my hopes up that maybe she would be able to manage a miracle for me.....
On our way home the phone rang! I promptly pulled over & answered it.
Her: Becky, I have managed to do some shuffling of the appointment book, how does the 27th August sound?
Me: Are you SERIOUS?!!
Her: [laughing] yes! Does that suit you better?
Me: Definately!!! If I was in the same room as you I would HUG you!!!
Her: [still laughing] I am glad that you rang!! I fear that you would have been lost in the system if you hadn't called.
Me: So am I!! I was afraid that would happen.
Her: We will see you monday to discuss all the details, but it will most likely be in the afternoon.
I was so excited!! And all the weight on my shoulders was suddenly lifted!!
Thursday 20th (today): It is only ONE week until I have my baby!!!! YAY!!!!! I am thanking God today for hearing me!

What a whirlwind of emotions this week.
If you made it this far reading, well done & thank you!! Sorry for such a LONG post....
Feels good to get it all out though!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What do I do with myself?

My beloved Swift Jim is loaning me his work laptop right now. My computer is broken *insert sad face here*.
So whilst I am able to have a brief browse of the web when Dan is at home, I unable to have my usual after lunch chillout. That is usually when I do my blogging.

I don't know what to do with myself during this time now! I know there is usually a couple of loads of washing staring at me or some other boring chore. But this is my chill out time! Yesterday I slept. Not a bad way to spend the time I suppose. But not my favourite thing to do.
Maybe I ought to get the sewing machine out.....

Anyway, this post is mostly to let you know that I probably wont be online much until my computer is fixed. I am not ignoring your blogs. I just havn't managed to look at them. Sorry!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Getting ready for bubba!! Part 4...

I appologise for all the baby related posts!! But that is what my whole world is about at the moment!
Nesting has kicked in!! I even ironed the cot sheets this morning so that they would look nice on the cot! I dont usually iron sheets. Infact, that was the first & probably the last time I will ever iron sheets, but they look good so that's the main thing!
Itty Bitty's room is ready for use....

Itty Bitty's clothes are ready to be worn!!

And now this is me ->

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oh the joy!

First Trimester
Contant needing to pee, virus', bad morning sickness including vomitting, internal ultrasound, lots of needles, crazy tired all the time.

Second Trimester
Headaches, more needles. Otherwise reasonable pleasant.

Third Trimester
Swine Flu, tired, sore hips & pelvis, constant needing to pee, reflux, blood noses, sore hips & pelvis, cant get comfortable in bed, fat feet and fingers, leg & foot cramps and did I mention sore hips & pelvis!!

I am ready, any day baby is fine!

That's gone fast!

Today it is exactly ONE month until Itty Bitty's due date. YIKES!

Monday, August 3, 2009

The "To do" list

With only one month to go until Itty Bitty arrives, my to do list is getting smaller....

  • Assemble Pram
  • put car seat in car
  • wash the baby's clothes
  • Pack hospital bags

Hmm not a lot to do really.....