Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Meet itty bitty...

12 weeks & 4 days :) How cute!

Look who found Mummy's make-up stash!!

The photos dont do it any justice....

She had pink hair, a pink face, neck and arms. And there was glitter everywhere!! An interesting mess to clean up!! LOL

Oh & sorry for posting this accidently on Skinny Cow! hehe

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Reduced to hobo-ism

This morning I had to duck to the local shopping centre to get a family photo printed for Almond Eyes' kindy. Now, today I am dressed particulary daggy, havn't done my hair or anything...
So I just parked close to the photo shop, planned to race in & race out then go home.
At our local shopping centre there is a train track that goes through the middle of the shops & kind of divides the shopping complex into 2 major sections.
This is the other side...

This photo was taken when we were on a steam train ride once, it kind of shows you what I mean by a train track going through the shops.
Anyway this morning there was a steam train going through, so of course that held me up a bit. I decided to get a milkshake while I waited, ever so conscious of my crazy fluffy hair and baggy pants.
The train crossed & the gates opened, so I quickly started heading towards to photo shop, when WHAM I lost my thong!! Now for all you American's, here in Australia a thong is something you wear on your feet. They are really quite an Aussie icon...

So I lost my thong! I quickly stopped & grabbed it to put it back on, when I discovered that the plug for the bit between the toes had snapped. Now I have to admit, this particular pair of thongs has been faithful to me for almost 2 years, so I shouldn't complain, however it was not a good day for this to happen to me.
The photo shop was about 10 metres away, so I decided to try & hobble over with the broken thong on. Well that just didn't work because it kept coming off, so I just took the jolly thing off altogether & ran into the shop. Put the photo in, was going to take 10 mins.
Right, what to do? I cannot wander for 10 mins with only one shoe on! So I decided to try the hobble thing again. Nope. Wasn't gonna happen. So I decided to head straight for the closest surf shop which is on the other side of the shopping centre. Thankfully no trains this time!
So with fluffy hair, pants that are too big for me and one thong on I briskly walked past many people & hoped like nothing I didn't bump into some yummy mummy I know!!
Right, the surf shop was in sight, in I went straight to the Havaianas stand. Grabbed the first pair I could see in my size & headed straight for the counter, Only to be served by a skinny snob! She looked me up & down & said "is there another pair this one is missing it's barcode". GRRR WEll I said I am not sure. I wasn't moving again! She was very unfriendly & made me feel like the biggest hobo there is.
Paid for the thongs, promptly sat down in the shop & ripped the tags off put them on & walked out relieved. I then promptly threw my other ones in the bin. (not even thinking to take a photo of the broken one first.) I then rushed back to the photo shop & got home as soon as I could.
I was hoping to have enough energy to clean my bathroom today, but with my strange morning I think I need a sleep!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day...

Do you & your love celebrate it?
We usually do, well sort of.

10 Years ago Swift Jim sent me a bunch of red roses. We weren't dating at this stage, but had met a couple of times. A mutual friend was trying to set us up. I thought he was pretty cute, but he seemed a bit shy. I had told our mutual friend that Swift Jim's name should be "Deaven" which meant "Heaven, with a 'D' " (swift Jim's real name starts with D) well yeah it was corny, but hey I was only 17 LOL....
So anyway, these flowers rock up to my front door (whilst SJ & Pete were out the back of my house helping my brother with his car). There is a note attached which said "I think these flowers are as beautiful as you are, Deaven." I was MORTIFIED! He signed the card Deaven! He wasn't supposed to know that!!!!! I then had to go outside & thank him for them, he had hoped they would arrived when he WASN"T there!! LOL Anyway, so that began our love affair.... 10 years later we are very happily married :)

So back to usual valentines days.... normally we just get each other a chocolate or something. Sometimes we go out for dinner. One year I bought SJ a 6 pack of beer. He told me it was the best V Day present ever LOL....
This year there had been no talk of V day between us. Quite frankly we are getting a bit old LOL
But I was out to coffee one morning last week & my friend spotted this...

We thought it was hilarious. It is HUGE!! This mug can hold up to 900ml of liquid!! Thats a lot of hot chocolate!! Anyway I got it, thought it would be a bit of fun!
So on Valentine's Day I gave SJ his gift. THe look of horror onhis face was priceless!! Not about the mug which he thought was amusing, but that he hadn't got me anything.... hehe
Later in the day he went & did the grocery shopping for his poor invalid wife. I half expected him to come home with some chockies or some flowers, but was completely shocked when he came home with this....
Isn't it beautiful!!! So my gag gift payed off in the end!! LOL Woo HOO!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

I dont have a picture to share but...

Today I got to see my baby's tiny tiny 11 week old legs kicking!! It was the cutest thing!!!

I went to see the specialist regarding the parvo virus which is a risk for baby. I was so glad I went. The doctor helped me understand it better & that it's not all doom and gloom.

He sent me off for an ultrasound straight away, and I will continue to have an ultrasound every 2 weeks for a while to monitor baby's growth & the amount of amniotic fluid around the baby.

He told me that "it looks encouraging"..... Music to my ears!! :D

The baby has a face!!! It has a really tiny button nose!! And its wee little feet were kicking around. Heart rate 160! So far completely on track for a normal pregnancy....

Will keep praying that it remains that way!! Praise the LORD!!!!!! :D

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Please Pray again

I know some of you have been praying for me & the baby. Thank you.

Please pray some more. I am having really yucky thoughts that baby is in that 5% bracket & may have contracted parvo too. Which would be devastating.

I know 5% is small. I know!! I also know people are praying.

Please keep praying....

Maid of Honour...

So my bestie's wedding date has been set for the 19th September! It's very exciting!
It is however only 15 days after my due date!!!!!! YIKES A busy month for me.

Yesterday we went wedding dress shopping. Her dress is stunning! I tried one on too... it was pretty nice! It hid all the lumps & bumps which is what I am after. I mean there are going to be plenty of lumps and bumps after giving birth a week or two prior! Not to mention all the lumps & bumps I already have! So we said yes to it. I got measured up & was HORRIFIED, MORTIFIED, DISGUSTED, HUMILIATED, SICKENED, ANGRY and just plain SAD when she said what size they need to order for me. It's too embarrasing to even say what it is.
All I will say is that after this baby is born, there will be NO more excuses. The weight HAS to come off.

But aside from the dress size disaster we had a really lovely day. After the dress fittings we went & had lunch whilst browsing through wedding magazines. The fun part of being Maid of Honour is that I get to do lots of organising! She wants to go to Melbourne for her hens weekend! So I am very much looking forward to that! I have even mocked up an invitation which looks pretty good.
Then there's the Bridal Shower to plan aswell. That will be fun, I think I will just organise & book High Tea at a posh Restaurant. What girl doesn't like that?

So I am very much looking forward to sharing the time with my bestie. We have been friends since we were 3 years old. Thats a really long time & I have been really hanging out to return the favour of being her Maid (I refuse to be called a matron) of Honour.

Somehow I think 2009 will go very quickly!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Time for a change

I was getting bored!! I do that. I often need change & I had the other design for ages!

LeeLou blogs have got some awesome FREE blog templates so go check them out, if you're bored!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Chitter Chatter

Note: "Karen" is the lady on our Navman that gives us directions...

Chestnut CHeeks: Where is heaven?
me: I dont know I havn't been there yet.
CC: I know where it is. It's that way [points] past the library.
Me: Is it? Do you think?
CC: Yes, actually heaven is a long drive away. It will take a long time to get there. We will need Karen to help us get there.
Me & Swift Jim: giggle giggle giggle, yes indeed!

Note to self: Type "heaven" in the navman & see where it takes us!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So call me a scaredy cat!

I am scared of Mozzies now....
The horrid disease spreading parasites have me scared to go downstairs to even put the washing on.
I know I already HAVE Ross River, but what if they bite me again & it gets worse? Can that even happen?
I wont let the kids go outside and play either, unless they are lathered in mozzie repellant. I think I will have to take out shares in Aeroguard!


Monday, February 2, 2009

My Mum is a legend!

She really is!
Whenever I am sick she looks after me! Even though I have been married for almost 8 years, she still comes and looks after me!!
I remember when I was pregnant with Chestnut Cheeks my blood pressure was slightly elevated towards the end of my pregnancy & my doctor ordered bed rest for a couple of days. It was a stinking hot summer that year. Fourty plus degrees. We didn't have air conditioning at that stage either, so it was ordinary!
My wonderful mum came and cleaned my house from top to toe in the heat until it sparkled! What a legend.
After our recent holiday down south as you know I was quite ill, Mum came and did some boring house work for me again (thankfully not in 40 degree heat this time).
Well this Ross River Fever together with morning sickness has me knocked for a 6. Extreme fatigue is aweful. I can barely even shower without the need for a sleep afterwards.
So, once again my mum came to the rescue this morning. My floors & bathroom were getting horrid! So disgusting, I was embarrased to let her clean them they were so bad. But she did, and she did a better job than I normally do, even when I am well!

I love my mum.....