Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ok Ok...

I have been slack with posting our bathroom reno pics. Let me share some before pictures first. You will understand why the bathroom was in such need of a reno...

Before :
It was the wierdest bathroom ever. Three rooms within one room! WHY?????

Stage 1: The room is gutted

The floor under the shower was rotten and there were mice living under it aswell! ICK! No wonder the room was so smelly all the time!

STAGE 3: The floor boards are fixed

Stage 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8:

Cement sheeting goes up

The bath frame is up and water proofing on the walls

The 1/2 wall is ready for tiles

Tiles go down on the floor

Tiles go up on the walls!!!

The [non smelly] toilet is in

And our sparkly new vanity is in too!

Getting very close to completion now! Will post the finished result soon!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Renos are GO

We are currently bang smack in the middle of our bathroom reno and living with some good [patient] friends. I do have photos to share but am having issues uploading them I promise to share very soon!

In other news... I have some of my goodies in at Handmade Heaven! YAY

Monday, March 1, 2010

As promised...

On Thursday last week renos started in our kitchen. On Wednesday this week, renos start in our bathroom. CrAzY times ahead for us.
Here are some 'before' pictures that I promised I would share...

Stage 1

A cupboard came out & a wall went up...

I have next to no bench space now...

And what bench space I have left is not very usable....

They pulled of the wooden trim that went around the edge of the bench and have left this rather large gap which is full of cochroach poo & who knows what else. YUCK

I have to live with this kitchen for another 2-3 weeks while the cabinets are built. Fun.
I will keep you updated, and Bathroom Before pictures are coming soon...

Chitter Chatter

After Kate's post I was reminded of a little conversation that happened in the car on our way home from IKEA the other day...

Let me give you some background info first. My two have often voiced their wish to marry one another a few times. Each time we have explained that brothers and sisters aren't allowed to marry each other and that they will find someone appropriate to marry when they are adults.....

Ella had been very quiet in the back seat of the car. We had been out all day choosing tiles, sinks, windows and taps. I thought she may have been asleep until.....

El: When I get an adult I am going to need a husband.
Me: Well yes when you are an adult you can get married.
El: I need to get a husband so I can have a baby in my girly tummy.
Me: Well yes, you cant have a baby in your tummy unless you get a husband first.
El: Yes. I want a girl baby
...then Connor chimes in...
C: I will have to marry someone else than Ella coz I want to have a boy baby in my wifes tummy. Yep I am gonna get married too....
Me: ok mate.

So cute.