Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I thought of another positive about winter. The snakes are in hiding. I like that a lot!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


My blog that is.

Truth be told, I don't have a lot to blog about! But let me try and update you all...

Me: I have had a month or so off from sewing. It's been good! But I have rethreaded the machine and my head is running wild with ideas, so that's fun!

Swift Jim: Is at work. And that pretty much sums up his life. :( He will be turning 30 in a couple of weeks, so I am enjoying rubbing that in!

Chestnut Cheeks: Did really well on his first ever report card and I am very proud that his teachers reported that he is "well mannered". We must have done something right!

Almond Eyes: Is being hard work lately. I think she is really bored at home. Bring on Prep next year!

Chubby Bubby: Is growing mightily fast! She is now 10 months old (!!), she is crawling everywhere and saying ; mum, dad, bub, yum, non non (connor), eya (ella)... she is awefully cute!

I will have to think of something worthwhile to blog about soon...

Love to all xoxo

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Chitter Chatter, sort of.

Connor did his homework this morning while I was still in bed. I had a look of it over breakfast.

Spelling: Great.
Sentences: Awesome!
Writing practise: FABBO
He had to write 2 describing words for each thing...
1. Horse: Brown, Smooth
2. Dog: Cuddly, Fluffy
3. Boy: Short hair, tall
and the clincher...
4 Lady: Long hair, fat.

FAT! *sigh* sheesh tell me what you really think.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Scurrette got me thinking about winter.

I don't like it at all. Nope not even after a crazy hot summer.

Here's why...
  • The days are too short.
  • My skin gets dry and itchy.
  • I hate having to wear layer upon layer to feel warm.
  • My arms can't move freely when I have to wear layer upon layer.
  • I much prefer to wear flip flops than closed in shoes.
  • I never know whether my babies are warm enough or too warm.
  • There is only a small window of time during the day in which the clothes will dry on the line.
  • The toilet seat is freezing!
  • We run out of hot water in the shower more easily.
  • The towels don't dry out properly between showers.

The only positive things I can think of about winter are...

  • Comfort food.
  • snuggles.
  • The walk to school is quite pleasant (when the wind isn't blowing).

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chitter Chatter

... with my littlest one...

me: say mum mum mum
Lib: Dad dad dad
me: mum mum mum
Lib: dad dad dad
me: mum mum mum
Lib: dad dad dad

Typical! hehe