Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A wee bit stressed.

I have never sold a house before. Let alone tried to sell one in a short period of time.

We have an open house both days this weekend coming, so I am hoping like CRAZY that something comes from it.
The contract on the other house is subject to the sale of this one. We wont be doing a bridgeing loan if this one doesn't sell. We cant afford to. The only way we can afford to buy that house is if this one sells. So we have an out.... here's why I am stressed though [aside from the fact that I love the other house]. The costs involved will make for a very VERY expensive dissapointment. There's the pest & building inspections, the soliciters and the advertising costs of selling this place. All of those bills will need to be payed whether or not we buy that place or sell this one.
I am hoping like crazy it doesn't come to that, otherwise it will be a rather quiet christmas here at our house!

It's a good weightloss plan though... Stress + me = hardly eats... I have lost 2kg in the past week and a bit!


Hearts and Hands said...

Oh no, so stressful indeed!! At tiems like this we think, why are we putting ourselves through this?!
Everything crossed for the sale of your place to go through quickly, and smooth sailing onto the next house.
Take care of yourself though yeah, maybe just have some snacks on hand to make sure you keep up the stamina :)

Scurrette said...

A VERY good weight loss plan! Although it also helps that you've just had a bub ;)

Crazy Sister said...

Oh, that's awful. Well, it's all up to God now. Whatever happens will be the right thing... right?

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

Oh that is so exciting. I hope it all goes well!

Hippomanic Jen said...

Hoping it goes well, and that all the extra money isn't wasted. I'll be praying.