Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's exhausting!

Trying to keep your house really neat & tiday ALL the time.

At the moment it needs to be in this condition all of the time, because Kellie (our real estate agent) could call at any time to show a prospective buyer through. She called yesterday while I was at the shops & I hoped like crazy no one left any undies on the floor in the bathroom! LOL Thankfully it was all good.

This morning Dan had to be a church early, so I had to get everyone ready all by myself as well as make sure the house was in display condition before I left incase Kellie called while we were out. I felt like I had worked a whole day by the time we got to church. It probably would have been easier if Libby wasn't screaming all morning!! She just loves cuddles & I couldn't give them to her....

On the plus side, anyone could drop in unexpectedly & I wouldn't at all be embarrased! For once in my married life!! LOL


Scurrette said...

I feel for you! I am so glad we moved when Rob was only just walking. That was a whole lot easier to keep a track of things! I'd have no chance now without donating the critters to some long lost family member for the entire selling period!

Not that I would mind ;)

Givinya De Elba said...

Oh, groan! You know how I packed up the family and went to spend a week with the in-laws in between Open Homes?


Hearts and Hands said...

Ugh I feel your pain!!!
Especially as for one inspection, when we were out shopping, I came home and there was a pair od undies beside the bathroom door. At least they were my 3 years olds truck undies but still!

Fingers crossed the house sells quickly, and you can relax a little.

Next, in regards to bubs wanting to be cuddled. As you know totally normal, but can make it harder. I highly recommend you get a wrap or carrier. VERY worth their money, and the best part is they sell very easily when you no longer need them. Check out this site for more

Wearing our babe was the best thing ever, especially for me with a bad lower back. Bubs is happy, and mum or dad can get on with washing, cooking etc :)
The owner of the site is in Brisbane, and loans out carriers so you can try before you buy :)