Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We heart Femina xx

I recieved a parcel in the post today. I love getting parcels in the post!!
Thank you Femina.... big smoodgy kisses from Libby xoxo

Here Libby models her new beautiful pink cardigan & doll....
Isn't Femina a clever lady!! xoxo


Hippomanic Jen said...

Just in time for the cool, rainy snap, too. She's clever in more ways than knitting!

Tracey said...

Too gorgeous !!! what a clever lady ! and a gorgeous baby too :p

Where do you buy your wool Femina? I hope its Craftee Cottage in Oakleigh !! :)

Scurrette said...

Oh ♥!!! That doll is just a - well - a doll!!!


And as always, Libby is perfection!

Femina said...

A craft shop in Oakleigh?? No, I've never been there...must check it out. The doll was made from left over wool given to me by someone and the cardigan wool was from Lincraft, I think, but most often I buy mail-order from Bendigo Woollen Mills and sometimes from a fab shop up in Sassafrass... but I can't remember the name of it, I just know it's next door to my favourite cafe. And it's kind of outside my budget, so I've only ever made scarves from the wool in that shop!

Really glad you like them, though, and extra-glad that it will fit Libby for another week or two. :)

cassandra2491 said...

Gorgeous cardi and doll - just wish I could knit.