Saturday, December 26, 2009

I am proud & thankful for 2009...

After Kate's post I couldn't not do one also...

1. I am so extremely thankful that our dear little Itty Bitty was kept safe in my womb! She is a survivor! After Parvo Virus (the human version) and Swine Flu are amazed that she is here and amzingly healthy! I too feel that a donation for a Birth Attendant in a third world country is a brilliant way to express my gratitude. Thank you Lord!
2. I am so very thankful for and PROUD of my big (almost grade 1) boy, Connor.
This year he has grown up so much! He has done so well at school. He is reading & writing things I didn't even know he could do! And he has made friends with some lovely children. I am so proud of him!
3. I am so thankful for and PROUD of my big 4 year old girl Ella! She is turning into such a lovely little girl! She has come leaps and bounds since starting kindy at the beginning if the year! What a delight to have her in our family. She is always cracking us up with her chitter chatter...
4. I am so EXTREMELY thankful & grateful for my loving husband! Without him this year, I simply would not have survived. With the stress of pregnancy + parvo virus & all the worries and concerns that came with that, he stayed calm. When I had Swine flu, he looked after me. When I had the horrific caesarean at the end of a horrific pregnancy, he took care of all 5 of us.
I am PROUD of him when he had all four of his wisdom teeth out, it was an aweful exprience, but he survived. We all survived! I am PROUD of him for fixing the stairs at our old house so we could sell it and for all his assmebling efforts of IKEA furniture at our new house!
I am just so thankful that he makes my love tank feel full most of the time. He is so wonderful! Thanks Dan xoxo
5. This year I am proud of all I have accomplished;
  • I was pregnant
  • Looked after two energetic children whilst suffering aweful morning (all day) sickness
  • had a baby
  • recovered from major surgery
  • was a bridesmaid during that recovery period
  • bought a house
  • sold a house
  • packed up our house
  • house sat
  • moved into our house
  • started an etsy store (albiet very small at the moment)
  • unpacked lots of boxes
  • helped assemble lots of IKEA items
  • did the christmas shopping
  • restored some order to our lovely new [old] home.

6. I am so very thankful for my family and friends! How wonderful is life when you have great family and friends around you!

So instead of saying Happy New Year, this year I might say Happy OLD year!


Femina said...

That's an impressive list - you SHOULD be proud. Doing all those things without being pregnant would be a challenge and you managed to do them all whilst growing a baby too!

Scurrette said...

What a great post. I loved the photos!

We are an amazing bunch, huh? We can do anything with God's help!

Now, for that end of year celebratory high tea...! (Mrs De Elba had better come too!)

Givinya De Elba said...

Oh wow, what a great pot! I feel exhausted just reading about what you accomplished!

I think you lost me at "pregnant."

le @ whoopwhoop said...

This is just such a lovely post - I might have to borrow the concept :)

I did borrow your link to LeeLou for my new layout - thanks v much :)

Your photography in this post is just divine ...

Trusting 2010 is just as wonderful for you and the family, best le

Swift Jan said...

Thanks Le, but I can't take the credit :p 2 Little Bunnies (in my blog roll) took them.

C @Favourite Vintage Finds said...

Wow, that sure is an impressive list! Beautiful photos. Thank you for entering my giveaway. Wishing you much happiness in 2010.

Hippomanic Jen said...

Such a big year, hope 2010 is as wonderful without all the hard stuff.

Crazy Sister said...
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Crazy Sister said...

Wow. You're amazing!

It's gorgeous that Connor looks so much like you, and Ella like Dan! Libby could model for Anne Geddes. IF Anne Geddes ever took pics of babies with hair, that is. She only like baldies, which is just plain rude.