Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A new adventure for, For fun and fancy?

So last night Santa's little helper (that's me) got busy making this tea party set for Miss Ella.
I wanted to make her a little table cloth & matching napkins for her to use for her Tea Parties.
I bought the cupcakes a couple of months ago at the handmade expo.

Appologies about the poor picture quality. I took the photos at about 11:45pm, the light was bad! I wanted to take some pics before it needed to be hidden away! Anyhow, What do you think?
I am thinking about making sets like these for both the Markets & for my Etsy shop!
So I am wondering a few things;
a) Would you buy one as a gift for a little girl you know?
b) How much would you pay for such a set which would include;
  • 1 child size tablecloth
  • 4 matching napkins
  • 4 cupcakes
  • A matching bag for them all to go in

c) Is there anything else that I should include in the set that I have forgotten?

Obviously the actual tea set (cups & teapot) are not included.

Can't wait to hear your feedback!

Oh! And don't forget about my give away here! :)


cassandra2491 said...

Just gorgeous - I wish my girl was little again. Would I buy - definately - if I knew someone.

Femina said...

What about a little apron? Then people can include a teeny little baking set instead of a tea set if they want. I've no idea about pricing, though.... sorry. It's not really the kind of thing I buy! :D

Givinya De Elba said...

Ooh - an apron, good idea! If I saw it on sale and decided I was interested, I'd pay $15. I think that at $20 I'd save my cash. Please remember I am an incurable tightass, and other people may be happy to pay anything up to $30 (I'm guessing!)

Givinya De Elba said...

PS - I'd call it $20 if it included the apron.

But for a HAIRCUT from you - now that's different. I'd pay $35 for that.

Don't sell those scissors on eBay just yet, you hear?

Hippomanic Jen said...

It's so cute, and if I wasn't trying to turn my niece into a horse-lover I might consider buying it. I have no idea about price, though - I go from adoring aunt who would spend anything to miserly, budget-making-and-sticking-to. So I don't know.

Scurrette said...

Would I buy it?

A whole lotta HELL YES!

But I'd go for the more bright funky colours ;)

Probably $20?

le @ whoopwhoop said...

Great work - very cute - $25 I think - or $30 - those cup cakes look a like a lot of work !! I usually stick to $20 - 30 for friends children and do up to $40 for family ... take your cost of materials and times by 3 ... just lovely ... you know what I am loving right now and you could do instead of the cup cakes ... hand made bunting - you know the wee flags ... reusable for parties too - just a though - best for xmas le xo

sewfunbymonique said...

I love the set. I am horrible at pricing. I would surf etsy and see what similar items sell for. I would do one traditional colors and one in brights for both tastes. Aprons would be cute, too. I think the cupcakes would really sell well and making it a set would be so special. I think for the whole thing- possibly $50- check etsy!

Swift Jan said...

Hey monique, etsy really doesn't have anything like it. I already searched a while ago & had to make it myself :P

Thanks all for the feedback :)

le @ whoopwhoop said...

Hello me again - go to lark homewares - www.larkmade.com.au

they have a knitted range that might give you something to compare to - really cute like yours too - a set of six cup cakes for $14.95 http://www.larkmade.com.au/products/handknittedcupcakerattles.html

knew I'd seen something somewhere :) le

Swift Jan said...

Thank Le