Monday, December 21, 2009

For fun and fancy GIVE AWAY TIME.... (it's my turn)

I have decided to run with the festive season and have my own giveaway!! Hooray for free stuff!!

So here's what is up for grabs...

It's a funky hairclip!

How to enter:

1. Post about it on your blog

2. Leave me a comment here, linking me to your post :)

You can only enter once! Good luck!!!

I will do the draw on Christmas Eve, so be sure to enter before then :)



This clip is SO cute! I love it. :)

My blog is;

:) I hope that you have a lovely Christmas. xo

cassandra2491 said...

Love the hairclip and the colour will go with my new necklace and earrings - Chrissy pressie. Hope you have a safe and Happy Christmas and New Year. Thanks for the chance to win a giveaway - blogging about it now.
My blog is :-


Scurrette said...

THAT'S MY CLIP!!!! The one I wanted!!! *stamps foot* dammit I better win!

Jen said...
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bubbachenille said...

I have to enter, I cant resist a good giveaway! I may have to regift if I win though as my hair doesnt respond well to hairclips!
Wonder who I would give it to if I won ?

Micky - Handmade Expo said...

Count me in... I will head over and blog about it now.. Merry Christmas...


le @ whoopwhoop said...

here we are - so sweet - just great work - best le