Friday, December 5, 2008

Party party party!!

Remember this post about organising a party for my very soon to be 3 year old?! I had decided that the main attraction was going to be bubbles. Well I think we will still have bubbles. After all I did purchase some cool bubble wands.....
However, check this out!!!

Target is having a sale this week, and last night Swift Jim & I purchased that there jumping castle!! HEHEHEHE it's way cheaper than hiring one!! I am so excited!


Trish said...

I saw that in the catalogue last night ... hope you got one they will surely go quickly.

Ps where did you get the bubble wands I have been looking everywhere I missed the ones at Aldi's

Swift Jan said...

We got one last night :)
And I got my wands from Aldi... sorry you missed out!

Hippomanic Jen said...

I want a jumpy castle too. I've always wanted to have a jumpy castle at my birthday party. I once found a bloke who let two adults have a go (instead of 12 kids) at a work do. It was so much fun, but most operators don't want grown ups to have fun.

Unfortunately, I think I would be too big for that jumpy castle. :(

Swift Jan said...

yes this jumpy castle is only suitable for up tp 10 year olds. Bummer hey!