Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chitter Chatter

... with my littlest one...

me: say mum mum mum
Lib: Dad dad dad
me: mum mum mum
Lib: dad dad dad
me: mum mum mum
Lib: dad dad dad

Typical! hehe


Hippomanic Jen said...

Too cute! Good to hear from you, and I'm hoping to see you Thursday!?!

Givinya De Elba said...

Now could somebody please tell me why the say Dad before Mum? Okay okay, it's cos we're always in their faces saying, "I can't wait til Daddy's home," and "When will Daddy come home," and "It's so much better when Daddy's home." But still!

Actually, when Joe started saying it I was quite amazed. Nat's first word was "Jaz" & Anna's first word was "Nat" so I assumed Joe's first word would be "Anna." But it was "Dad."

Apparently nobody even considers saying "Mum."

Until they're 3. Then they say it ALL THE TIME! ARGH!

Hands and Hearts said...

Nawww too cute!
My first and second both said mum first.
So with number 3 hub was hoping for his anme first, and it happened.

LOL Givinya, you are so right about them saying it all the time!

Jodie said...

Too cute!

Crazy Sister said...

I love it! I bet she grins when she says it.

Perhaps she thinks you're playing one of those word association games, as in, "What belongs with "Mum"?"

Little Eve said...

Maybe if you say dad dad dad, she'll come back at you with mum mum mum. It's worth a try, maybe?
I got so lucky with my 3rd child, he's a real mummy's boy and i love it!