Friday, June 11, 2010


Scurrette got me thinking about winter.

I don't like it at all. Nope not even after a crazy hot summer.

Here's why...
  • The days are too short.
  • My skin gets dry and itchy.
  • I hate having to wear layer upon layer to feel warm.
  • My arms can't move freely when I have to wear layer upon layer.
  • I much prefer to wear flip flops than closed in shoes.
  • I never know whether my babies are warm enough or too warm.
  • There is only a small window of time during the day in which the clothes will dry on the line.
  • The toilet seat is freezing!
  • We run out of hot water in the shower more easily.
  • The towels don't dry out properly between showers.

The only positive things I can think of about winter are...

  • Comfort food.
  • snuggles.
  • The walk to school is quite pleasant (when the wind isn't blowing).


Hippomanic Jen said...

I can't imagine having to breast feed and change babies in the winter. But I'm with you on most of your points.

I do, however, love the way the leaves turn and fall and get crunchy to walk on.

Catherine said...

I hear what you are saying:) I love wearing jeans and having yummy comfort food but I really don't enjoy the dry skin much or getting out of a warm shower only to get cold again. Hope you are keeping warm this weekend.:)

Scurrette said...

bah humbug!

Winter is WONDERFUL!!

You can eat to your hearts content.
You can cover any food babies (full tummies) with big jackets.
Laying on the lounge under many blankets reading.

I ♥ it!

Bumpkin Bears said...

I'll send some of our brief summer over to you :) Your invites are coming along well, Hugs, Catherine xx

Cute as Buttons said...

Well, you make a fair point but for me the clincher is no sweatiness and my hair stays straight most days. You just can't beat it. I'll put up with all the other bits. Winter rools! Lisa x