Sunday, July 12, 2009

Getting ready for bubba!! Part 3...

For this baby I really want to have a comfy arm chair in the baby's room for 2am feeds.

The last 2 times I had a chair in the room that I borrowed off my folks, but it had wooden arms & the back bit was movable. Not at all comfortable to feed a baby in. Particulary when you are still learning how to actually feed the child!

So I started shopping on ebay! And found this beauty for $30 really local! I was stoked!

When I first saw it in the actual baby's room I thought, hmm it looks pretty big, but it'll be right! Wrong.

Last night Swift Jim put together the baby's cot, which has been under the house in storage for 2 years. (He is getting quite good at putting beds together) My suspicions were confirmed. The chair is infact WAY too big for the room & we are now back to square one. Lucky the chair was so cheap. I think I will donate it to my church's parents rooom. Afterall it IS really comfy!

Last night I once again hit ebay. I found 2 chairs that are potential prospects. This time I will find out the measurements prior to bidding. The only trouble is, both chairs are a bit of a drive away to pick up. And both chairs are more expensive than my original bargain. D'oh!

Then I checked our friends at IKEA, and saw this little beauty...

It's MUCH smaller! But still looks reasonably comfortable to sit in at a 2am feed. Doesn't it?

Hmm what to do?!!!!


Hippomanic Jen said...

I've never had to do 2am feeds, but it looks alot like some chairs in the Place of Prayer in the Toowoomba Hospital and they are really comfy.

Mind you, I think the best place to be at 2am is in my nice, warm bed. There's got to be some advantages to not having babies!

Givinya De Elba said...

I have no idea how things will pan out here - 2am feeds were always pretty hard to manage, but this time I'll have a tad more to recover from.

With #2 I did a little bit of feeding while side-lying in bed, but it was murder on a routine.

You'd wake up at 6am partially clothed [and FREEZING] and you'd have no idea when the baby fed, whether she had a full tummy or just a snack, and you'd start the day with no clue as to what your morning routine should vaguely look like.

And yet - I'm still considering this for #3, just because the idea of getting up to feed is making me blanch in terror. After these last 8 months with SIJ and BP troubles and a bladder the size of a pea, in particular.

Crazy Sister said...

That first chair looked sooo comfy! But I'm liking the IKEA chair, too.

I had a lovely rocking chair, but Givinya de Elba pinched it off me for her #3. Now I see that she's planning to feed in bed. I'll have that chair back, thanks sis...

sewfunbymonique said...

I always did the 2am feeding in my bed. I had a rocker, never used it!