Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A decision has been made!

The baby will be roomed in Ella's PINK room.

That means we have been busy transforming Connor's bedroom into Connor AND Ella's bed room.
First we had a trip to IKEA for a set of bunk beds... tried to assemble them, but realised a part was faulty. Went ALL the way back to IKEA to get the problem rectified. Finished assembling the bunk beds....
(Swift Jim wanted his face blurred out! I cant be bothered)

The kids are loving the beds!

Today I went and purchased a new set of drawers for Miss Ella to store all her clothes in (the baby will need her old one) and then started moving her in properly. I also had to purchase four under bed storage boxes to fit all the toys in! BUt all in all the room looks great! Everything fits and the kids love it!!
I am happy :)


Givinya De Elba said...

That looks great! I am glad you've got a few of the decisions done and things are working. You said "everything fits" - that's great.

Today we got our new beds for this great "fitting-in-three-kids" thing, and I'm not sure if everything fits, and I'm all in knots: did I do the right thing? What if I've made the wrong decision?

It deserves a blog post soon. I'll just need to get the toy boxes out of the bathroom and find a home for the bookshelves, then I'll worry about whether it fits or not.

Jen said...

they looks so cute and happy in their beds.

Hippomanic Jen said...

Getting closer and closer. Glad everything is working out, second trip to IKEA notwithstanding.

sewfunbymonique said...

Great solution!!