Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Feeling bombarded!

With Bills. Medical ones.

Last October CC had to have a tooth removed. He had broken it as a baby chewing on a hard rusk. Then he started getting an absus under it, so it had to come out. Because he was so little he had to go under a general, in a private hospital. So it cost us $2000. Yep rediculous.

In April, I had to have my gall bladder out. $800.

Now Hubby needs all 4 of his wisdom teeth out. I have no idea how much it is going to cost, but I fear, a similar cost or more to CC's tooth. :(

We are never gonna get away on a holiday......



Hippomanic Jen said...

Sorry about the bills. Why do they always come when you've got better things to do with your money?

Crazy Sister said...

That sucks. I think it's about $250 a tooth.

Have you considered pliers?

~Trish~ said...

Ugh no fun...Thanks for stopping by my blog last week when I was featured! I'm trying to get back to everyone :)

Annikke said...

We are in a similar situation. My husband had some dental work which we haven't gotten the bill for yet; my 6 year old hit his tooth on the bathtub a couple years ago and just recently it abscessed (however you spell that word!) and he had to have it pulled; now my husband has to have surgery for a tumor (or hernia, not sure which it is yet) and I need to see a dentist soon. aaagghhh!!!