Friday, August 15, 2008

I am NOT a hoarder!

I'm not.... I am a chuckerouterer! Like my new word?
But for the last 2.5 years, our bedroom has become the junk room.

See, Before kids we had a spare room and a study/junk room. When Chestnut Cheeks came along, our study/junk room became the spare room/junk room/ study....
So, when Almond eyes came along. Well the computer made it's way to the lounge room, guests became familiar with our super compfy lounge & the junk migrated to our bedroom! Blergh.
I have attempted to de hoard over the past couple of years, but to no avail. As a lot of the stuff I either HAVE to keep (like tax records) or Swift Jim wont let me throw out (like books).

Recently it has become rediculous! So bad, that there is nowhere to walk. Which at 2am isn't so good when I have to get up to one of the children.
So we took the plunge & bought ourselves a mighty big book shelf & yesterday I set to work! I dehoarded BIG time! Now stuff fits :)

This is what it looked like before...

So, A boot full of stuff when to the local charity, our wheelie bin is full the the brim of rubbish!

But this is what it looks like now.....

Aside from needing a new curtain....A clear floor!!! Yipee!! I even tackled INSIDE of the cupboard! But I wont bore you with those pics! And at the very end of the day, I even mustered up the energy to change the sheets!

What an achievement!


Givinya De Elba said...

That looks AWESOME! Well done! It must feel great to have that done.

Adelaine said...

That is awesome! I love the bookcase too! Doesn't it feel good to "chuck" things!!!

Swift Jan said...

Oh yes I love chucking things!!

Thanks guys, it does feel good!

Hippomanic Jen said...

Looks great, would you like to come here and keep going?

I love the bookcase idea, they can hold so many different things. The only problem being I keep buying books, and now my bookcases are all full.

Crazy Sister said...

Yeah, bookcases sure fill up quickly.

I'm sitting here squinting at all your wedding pictures. They look beautiful!

Swift Jan said...

Bookcases are wonderful!!
And thanks Crazy sister for saying my wedding pics are nice :D
The one above our bed is my fav!