Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Something for you to see (finally)

I appologise for my slackness of sharing on my blog. Renovating is craziness! Craziness that is totally worth it though...

Our bathroom:

You've seen the bath in a previous post!
The bathroom is now completed. Such a good feeling!

Our Kitchen:
If you have forgotten the before pics you can see them here

We spent easter weekend tiling the splashback. We quite enjoyed ourselves actually! And we just LOVE our new leadlight window!

We are almost finished in there now. All that is left to do is sand and paint (ick) and get the floors done. We are sooo close now!

I LOVE both rooms and want to stay in this house forever now!


Givinya De Elba said...

Beautiful! You'll never regret all that bench space. Now don't go and do what we did - go and get a job offer in a new town as soon as it's all finished!

I still miss my old kitchen :( sob.

My new one is nice enough, but I've taken a huge downgrade in bench space, cupboard space and pantry.

Scurrette said...

It looks so nice!

Now, when is that bathroom party???

sewfunbymonique said...

Gorgeous job! Looks so clean & shiny!

Hands and Hearts said...

Ooohhh, clean, nice, shiny!!!! I like it a lot :)
I especially love apron front sinks, and want a huge one for our kitchen.

I am sure you will love cooking in such a spacious kitchen.

Emily Sue said...


That is all.

cassandra2491 said...

I agree with Emily Sue......I love it - Thou shalt not COVET ....... oh so gorgeous - an amazing transformation!!!!!