Thursday, September 24, 2009

The current battle in my head.


Let me explain to you how I feel about it. For me.....

It's like getting a short haircut.... The idea of it is good. People like it when you do it, in theory it is supposed to be easier but whenever I do it, I find it rather annoying. It never turns out how I imagined it would. No matter how many times I try it, its always the same.
Now, dont get me wrong. I love the closeness that breastfeeding brings. I just hate how it feels. No it doesn't hurt. It's just an irritating feeling for me.
Not only that, I always have to bring the girls out whenever she wants them. No matter where I am or who is sitting next to me.
And the feeding frenzy days leave me feeling like a cow.... MOOOO!
Why is it that successful breastfeeding mum make you feel so guilty for even considering using bottles? "Oh but breast milk is like gold" they say.
We live in the western world where water is clean & formula is a perfectly suitable source of food...

Yet the battle rages in my head.......


Crazy Sister said...

I hear ya. It should be SO much easier and nicer than it actually is. And the Breastfeeding Nazis just can't understand.

You're an excellent Mum for having the battle in your head! Good on you for doing your absolute best, and making sure Libby gets a full tummy either way.

And you must update your 'family' pic in the sidebar to that shot of the five of you at the wedding! It's so gorgeous.

Femina said...

Obviously I have no experience with this other than seeing some very upset friends who have persisted with breastfeeding because the Breastfeeding Nazis convinced them that they will make their baby horribly sick if they dare to consider formula.

It's YOUR decision and no one else's and I suggest you practise the withering glare when people try to tell you what you "should" be doing. Don't let anyone make you feel guilty for anything. You managed to keep the first two babies alive and healthy; chances are you'll do okay with the third.

(Also, I was breastfed for maybe two months, tops, and I am ridiculously healthy. I get maybe one cold per year and my immune system is fantastic. So there.)

Ann said...

My daughter loves watching the "having babies" shows on TV - and just the other night, I was discussing with her how some women think "their way" is the "only way"... whether that's natural birth vs. pain meds, breastfeeding, sleeping in a crib or with you... the list is seemingly endless. I say, you're the mom. You know what works for you and your baby and your family - so don't let the jerks get you down!

Givinya De Elba said...

So true! I am sorry you've got a battle in your head. When you decide, be totally happy with your decision and stick with it. We all know how healthy bottle-fed babies can be, so never fear the doom and gloom.

Sometimees, the Breastfeeding Nazis are not actually CORRECT. They're just EMPHATIC.

In childbirth classes we were told that "research shows" a lower incidence of speech disorders in breastfed kids, especially boys. I had to say, "WHAAAT???" No references to back it up of course.

Breastmilk might be like gold but only in its rarity. Doesn't mean anything else.

And I too hate the sensation of feeding, and never feel less close when a bottle is involved.

Don't let the fact I actually b/feed put you off. That's just me. You've got my full support.

Crazy Sister said...

OMG, I was hanging out the washing when I realised I should explain that by Breastfeeding Nazis I'm referring to a small group of people who GLARE at you and declare that ANYONE can breastfeed if she works hard enough, and that formula is horribly inferior.

I did NOT mean that all the wonderful women out there who can breastfeed and encourage others to try their hardest are 'Nazis'! I probably shouldn't even use that word, I'm sure to offend someone else while I'm at it!

Yay for breastfeeding. It's hard work but rewarding. And yay for bottles when the boobs just DON'T work.