Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The battle has been solved... sort of.

So I have given it a good go.

I breastfed Connor for 4 weeks.
I fed Ella for 8 weeks.
I fed Libby for almost 5 weeks.

I wish it could be a beautiful experience for us, but in reality all it does is make me feel cross at my poor little baby. I don't want to feel cross with her at all, she is too little for that. I just want to enjoy her. After all she is my last baby and I have the right to ENJOY her, not put up with her.

So yesterday I went and spent a small fortune on bottles, formula, and sterlising stuff.

And so the weaning begins. My boobs are screaming now... bring on next feed time! lol
I think I am happy with my decision... :)


Scurrette said...

*hugs* I know it is a tough decision to make. You have to do what is best for you and bub. Besides, any breast milk is better than none at all :-)

The only reason I stuck it out with Rob was because I dreaded telling my mum. It got easier after that. Now though, I want this time to go slow because I know once I wean I will be all sad and reminiscent since Mealie is my last too.

Femina said...

Good on you. You know best what's right for you and your family. ((hugs))

Crazy Sister said...

I did 6 weeks with H, then 2 weeks with P. When I gave up, nothing happened - definitely no "boob screaming"! Nada. Zilch. Dry boobs within 24 hours. Which confirmed my suspicion that I had been trying to get blood out of a stone, or milk out of a turnip, or whatever.

Still makes me upset. Stupid knockers.