Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oh the joy!

First Trimester
Contant needing to pee, virus', bad morning sickness including vomitting, internal ultrasound, lots of needles, crazy tired all the time.

Second Trimester
Headaches, more needles. Otherwise reasonable pleasant.

Third Trimester
Swine Flu, tired, sore hips & pelvis, constant needing to pee, reflux, blood noses, sore hips & pelvis, cant get comfortable in bed, fat feet and fingers, leg & foot cramps and did I mention sore hips & pelvis!!

I am ready, any day baby is fine!


Femina said...

And let's not forget parvo virus...

Jen said...

I know that pregnancy ends up with an awesome thing but going through it kinda sucks.

Crazy Sister said...

Yes, don't forget parvo virus.

As long as you still have clothes that fit...