Monday, April 6, 2009

Baby Brain going nuts!

I wonder if it's because it's my third baby? I am so unreliable at the moment.

This afternoon I had a parent teacher interview booked for 3pm with CC's teacher. Right at pick up time so I wouldn't forget about it.

I forgot about it!
Well, almost entirely, however when I was about 500m past the school on our way home I remebered!! I quickly chucked a U-y & made it back to the class room, only 10mins late! Phew....

Hopeless! At least I wasn't late LATE this time..... *sigh*
Bring on school holidays!!


Femina said...

Reading this kind of makes me wish I were pregnant so I'd have an excuse for all my vague and forgetful behaviour. Seems like a bit of an extreme solution though...

Givinya De Elba said...

Yeah, are you only vague when you're pregnant? 'Vague' is my M.O.

I remember someone once said that with your first, half your brain comes out with the baby. With your second, the other half comes out with the placenta.

So there's not much hope for either of us NOW, is there?

Perhaps little bits of my brain disappear each night when I pee. That must be it. I'm peeing a lot.