Thursday, February 2, 2012

Toilet Training.

Is probably my least favourite part of parenting.
At some point however [preferably during the warmer months] one's toddler needs to learn how to use a toilet instead of soiling her pants. Especially when this particular toddler is a lot taller than the average 2 year old. So it is becoming quite awkward to manage.

I understand why it takes them a few weeks to "get it". After all they have been allowed to use their nappy their WHOLE life. It's going to take some convincing that there is a better alternative.

But toilet training requires a mother's entire level of patience. All of it. Then there is none left over for the other children who aren't making their beds in the morning,, and who forget to bring their homework home, and who leave their shoes lying around the house, and who don't put their toys away... etc etc...

Even Libby's family daycare Carer was frazzled yesterday after cleaning up lots of messes and having absolutely zero success on the toilet (or potty).
I too am yet to hand out a sticker and quite frankly, it's disheartening.

Please remind me that they do eventually learn.


Hippomanic Jen said...

I don't know anyone who was in nappies in High School.


Not helping?

I hope she gets it soon.

Givinya De Elba said...

It's frustrating hey? In all my research, I keep hearing again and again from experts that they won't "get it" til they're developmentally ready ... which can seem disheartening. But I take comfort in the fact it means I did't do anything WRONG, and it's nobody's fault. We're at that frustrating stage where everything goes in the toilet ... if I remember to sit the little guy on. Every single "Mum! Wee coming!" is accompanied by a rapidly spreading puddle. How do we transition from this to "It's ABOUT to come so we need to move fast!"

Crazy Sister said...

My six year old has an appointment at the Incontinence Clinic for assessment, but they keep rescheduling us. Now THAT'S disheartening.

Jodie said...

I feel the frustration, I hope you have had a shrewd of luck in this area since this post. Six months on, I need Valium, not paitence.

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