Monday, November 1, 2010

So, in other news....

I have made a decision about my body.
This video helped me decide...

I don't want to be continually worrying about my weight and feeling like a complete failure constantly because I don't have the will power to stick to a diet or whatever. I am trying to come to peace with who I am and what I look like.
I see my "skinny" friends and I see what it takes for them to maintain their body shapes. They are gym junkies, carefully watching every crumb that they put in their mouths. I see their skinny jeans getting loose and their collar bones sticking out. Is that the lifestyle I want? And what kind of message is that giving to their daughters? And what about their sons? What message is that sending to their sons about a woman's beauty?
Do I want to be healthy? Yes. Do I want to be hung up on beauty and paranoid about calories all the time? Hell NO! Do I want to be confident? Absoltuely! Do I want to be gorgeous? You know what, I ALREADY AM!! [My husband tells me so and I am choosing to believe him].
This is me!! And from now on I wont be beating myself up. I can still wear beautiful clothes. I don't need to fit a mould that everyone else thinks is normal and/or beautiful. Who gets to decide what beautiful is anyway?
I'm not one of them!! I'm just not! So why should I let them intimidate me?
A lifestyle of workouts and miniscule flavourless meals does not and never will appeal to me. I will always fail at that forever...
A lifestyle of fun, family, friends and food absolutely appeals to me! I am making a choice! Option 2!
I'm not saying that I want to indulge and get fatter. No, no! I am saying that I don't want to be "that" skinny girl. Instead of looking at myself and thinking "fat failure", I am going to look at my life and think, "how blessed am I"!!! And maybe in the whole process, I can teach my children what a positive self image is all about...


bubbachenille said...

Good on you Bec for coming out ! I agree with you :-)

Kelly said...

Beautiful Bec! I neede that today. xx You are beautiful.

Crazy Sister said...

I think you're hot.

my3lovelies said...

Good on you Becky! Its true isn't it..our husbands DO think we are hot and beautiful and gorgeous and just right and we DO need to start believing them more! Here's to a healthy and confident rest of our lives! xoxox

Givinya De Elba said...

Good advice. I immediately thought, "Goodness, I'd better hurry up and talk to my daughter..." then I realised that I already do.

She says that "lipstick" (chap stick!) makes her beautiful, I say that God made her beautiful. I tell her that she's putting lipstick on the beautiful lips God gave her.

She says that this dress makes her pretty, I say that the pretty dress looks great on the pretty body God gave her.

All the time.

Funny, she naturally defaults to the idea that it's the clothing, chap stick and home-made jewellery that makes her beautiful. I didn't model that to her, and she doesn't see that on TV. Odd.

But my attempts are working. She put something pretty on today and said she was beautiful. I asked why she was beautiful. She said, "God made me beautiful."

Music to my ears.

Scurrette said...

Givinya - I'm going to steal that line from you ;-)

We are beautiful because God made us!


Jan - I think it is sad that we can see others are beautiful, but we just don't believe it ourselves. It is easier to discredit our husbands and God's opinion of us, because the world says otherwise.

I think it is a daily and sometimes hourly CHOICE to believe we are beautiful.

Still, that doesn't help when I'm trying to squeeze into my jeans.

Kat (The Monsters Mum) said...

Excellent post Becky! Im taking a leaf our of your book, and pfft to the skinny friends. They can have their gym, diet pills, whatever it takes for them. I'm going to start loving me. :)

Hippomanic Jen said...

You are beautiful. And enjoying family is worth it. It's interesting what kids pick up. I still remember being quite young (primary school?) and wanting to be a boy. Because the kids and the men always got seconds of dessert at family gatherings and the women always said 'no thanks'. Therefore I didn't want to be a girl.

Having said that, I still need to be fitter, but I never want to have to give up everything!

Emily Sue said...

You are beautiful. And health is way more important than looking like the 'in' crowd. And as someone who was told for the first 20 years of my life that I'm fat and ugly, I can assure you that negative self image does PLENTY of harm. God made you beautiful... and your friends love you no matter what size, shape, hair colour, clothing, scars, warts, whatever! :)

(I still reserve the right to be cynical about Dove and their 'real beauty' campaign though. They are owned by Unilever, who also own Lynx, who perpetuate the most appalling, sexist, demeaning and pornographic advertising ever seen in the mainstream. Bastards.)