Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reasons to cook food,

I hate cooking.

It's a chore for me. I'd rather clean the bathroom.

Swift Jim has been working very VERY long hours for the past year and that means it is often just me and the munchkins eating together.

I hate cooking. Did I mention that already?

So the kids have been eating a lot of sandwiches, eggs and baked beans for tea. Or takeaway.

I hate cooking.

Now I am trying to figure out why? Why do I hate it so much. I'm sure I never used to hate it this much!

Can you help me find reasons to cook for my family? Because I have hit a wall.


Khris said...

Jan I am with you...I hate cooking and would rather clean the bathroom too...lol...I don't know why either.
Maybe it is because we have to do it every day for the rest of our life time...who knows...we don't get a choice really do we...if we want to eat healthy we have to cook or prepare or organise this every day.
Its the thinking, preparing, cleaning...agghh....boring as hell to me...lol...unfortunately it has to be done...hugs Khris

Jodie said...

Becky, I think it is the shear exhustion of being a mum and then the cleaning up. It could be amount of food that gets thrown out, not making it seem worth the effort.
Maybe grab a kids cook book and get them involved too. Make it the fun activity to try and aviod that witching hour nightmare.

Givinya De Elba said...

I get you! My Mum hates cooking too! For her, there's a lot of same-ness and also for some reason, because my folks eat a lot of veggies she often does then four different ways in the same meal - don't know why!

For me, when I love it, it's because it's creative. Maybe I get the smae feeling you get when you're at your sewing machine, I don't know.

One thing I love is throwing ingredients in and seeing how things smell and taste with each addition. One recipe that morphs and changes as you add ingredients is the WW vegetarian lasagne that I got from you. Long and involved, yes, but I can just hear Nigella describing it as "sensual" to cook and I think she'd be right - I love the way it smells and tastes. I have a Christmas Cake recipe that gets me the same way too.

Also, I love it when I have a clear 30 minutes to stand and stir. I find it very relaxing. This risotto can sooth my day away as I stir it!

That's how I enjoy cooking (WHEN I ACTUALLY ENJOY IT) - if it doesn't work for you, then it just doesn't. No shame in that :)

Crazy Sister said...

It's hard to perform when the audience is unappreciative. Little kids and dinner... sigh.

Start every meal by frying garlic and onion in butter. That's the best mood-making smell for a kitchen. Yes, fried garlic and butter. No matter what you're cooking.

Martha said...

I like cooking.
I hate thinking about cooking.

I hate thinking about what I can possibly make that I haven't already made a gazillion times in the last week. I especially hate it at 6pm on a weeknight with 7:30pm bedtime looming and hungry girl hanging off my leg.

I hate looking in the fridge and pantry and seeing the same old ingredients for the same old recipes. Then I buy something new and exciting and (a) have no idea what to do it, so (b) leave it to linger in fridge until it's expired and/or moldy.

I do like stirring risotto. I agree, it's oddly therapeutic.

RachW said...

Hey Beck,

I agree with the other girls - the cooking is ok, it's the planning/deciding/shopping for it that's a pain. But if you do a bit of planning/shopping/cooking with Swift Jim on a weekend, make sure you cook extra and freeze it for during the week - makes life easier for me!!
And there's nothing wrong with sandwiches, eggs or baked beans every now and then!! Maybe next home group we can all bring a couple of favourite easy recipes.
Love Rach