Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Which Wiggle?

Crazy Sister gave me an idea for a post.....

Who is your favourite Wiggle?

For me its a toss up between Anthony (the spunky one) & Murray... he is such a lovable dag!

I am also quite partial to Benny too... he cracks me up!

So, who's your favourite Wiggle?


Femina said...

I love Murray for his cute awkwardness, but I still miss Greg.

And wow... this is the second post tonight where I've made a thoughtful and considered comment about the Wiggles. I don't even have kids. I need to get a life. Seriously.

Crazy Sister said...

I don't know who Benny is. And, like my kids, I change my favourite Wiggle about every week. I didn't know what to think about Sam until he SMILED AT ME on the weekend. Now I'm in love.

Swift Jan said...

Benny is one of the dancers! He has been with the Wiggles from close to the beginning I think... Watch his face when he dances... funny!!

Dee from Downunder said...

Benny is a hoot! It will be a sad day in wiggledom if he ever leaves - you can always pick him when he is "helping" one of the characters, he is a crazy dancer.

My fav was/is Greg, but they all have their good points

The muscles on Anthony are amazing

Trace said...

Big Benny fan here !!!

But sooo glad my wiggles days are over