Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Maid of Honour...

So my bestie's wedding date has been set for the 19th September! It's very exciting!
It is however only 15 days after my due date!!!!!! YIKES A busy month for me.

Yesterday we went wedding dress shopping. Her dress is stunning! I tried one on too... it was pretty nice! It hid all the lumps & bumps which is what I am after. I mean there are going to be plenty of lumps and bumps after giving birth a week or two prior! Not to mention all the lumps & bumps I already have! So we said yes to it. I got measured up & was HORRIFIED, MORTIFIED, DISGUSTED, HUMILIATED, SICKENED, ANGRY and just plain SAD when she said what size they need to order for me. It's too embarrasing to even say what it is.
All I will say is that after this baby is born, there will be NO more excuses. The weight HAS to come off.

But aside from the dress size disaster we had a really lovely day. After the dress fittings we went & had lunch whilst browsing through wedding magazines. The fun part of being Maid of Honour is that I get to do lots of organising! She wants to go to Melbourne for her hens weekend! So I am very much looking forward to that! I have even mocked up an invitation which looks pretty good.
Then there's the Bridal Shower to plan aswell. That will be fun, I think I will just organise & book High Tea at a posh Restaurant. What girl doesn't like that?

So I am very much looking forward to sharing the time with my bestie. We have been friends since we were 3 years old. Thats a really long time & I have been really hanging out to return the favour of being her Maid (I refuse to be called a matron) of Honour.

Somehow I think 2009 will go very quickly!!


Hearts and Hands said...

Oh no, that is so close!!! What if bub decides to come at 41 weeks?
Does she know when you are due?

I would be in panic mode, lol

Fingers crossed timing works our well :)
Please don't worry about your weight after bubs. Resting and feeding bubs during your precious babymoon is more important. Enjoy that time when bubs is still so new.
Eat well, drink lots of water and snuggle with bubs, smelling his or her lovely baby smell :)

Swift Jan said...

thanks H&H, yes but the date was planned before I fell pregnant, so what can I do? I think it will be ok.
CC was only 3 days late & AE was 4 days early, so I should hopefully go somewhere near my due date! Hopefully!! LOL (A little early would be nice though!)

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

Ooooh! How exciting. How lovely to have two such happy events in one year.

Still thinking and praying for you and the bub. (and you hub who no doubt is just as stressed about it as you) and you other two cutie pie kids.

Hearts and Hands said...

Oh I get you. From your post I thought you meant she arranged the date now. How often these babes choose such busy and exciting times to be born hey :)
Maybe this babe will chose in the middle. We had a similar situation when pregnant with my last baby. We were sent the letter for the date of surgery for our 4th child, when I was 6 months pregnant. The date was for 4 days after my EDD. I was in panic mode. Ironically she chose to come right on the EDD.
Such a relief.